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Sunbeams is beginning a phased re-opening to provide much needed respite for children and young people with autism and support for families.

by Sarah Southernwood in Great Yarmouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

£3000 will provide 6 months of craft/cookery activities/outreach activities for 60 children and young people.

£6000 will enable Sunbeams to provide this much needed service for an entire year!

About Sunbeams

Sunbeams is a charity based in Great Yarmouth that offers respite and support to children and young people, with a diagnosis of autism and their families.


We have a team of five key workers who work directly with the children and young people, helping them to learn essential life skills that will support their independence once they reach adult life.  Sunbeams Managers have personal experience of living with autism and are available to support our families with advice, guidance, signposting and much more.


COVID 19 has sent so many ripples through so many lives and Sunbeams are trying their very best to provide some consistency and reassurance for its members.  People with autism can struggle with the smallest change and due to this pandemic many have had to face difficult daily challenges just to function.

Sunbeams has been providing support packages for its children and young people and their siblings as well as working along a local supermarket to provide emergency food parcels if required.

Our support packages are filled with activities, notes from children's keyworkers, reading materials etc and as a result Sunbeams has seen its supplies of art and craft activities disappear rapidly!  Now that we are looking to begin a phased re-opening we desperately need to restock to be able to provide activities.


What we want to do

We need to be able to restock our art & craft room as many of our members find art therapeutic & a good way to express their feelings & emotions. During re-phasing we would like to continue to send packages to homes, especially our hard to reach and vulnerable families who will need a lot of support and reassurance.

Sunbeams needs to be able to continue its work towards promoting independence and supporting the development of life and social skills.  Many of our children and young people had made tremendous progress and achieved goals they didn't think possible, with support from the community we can begin to get these achievements and successes back on track.

Sport at Sunbeams - focusing on healthy bodies and minds


Meet Josh!

Josh discovered his love of pool at Sunbeams and played regular games with his peers.  Josh discovered he had a secret skill, he was amazing at pool and snooker and loves to practice snooker at Sunbeams

We were delighted to hear he was named Young Player of the Year after winning the Norwich and District Snooker League!

Josh is very keen to mentor his peers and share his passion for pool and snooker, he hoped to teach others how to play the game and possibly even become champions themselves.  

Sunbeams says:

We would love to be able to support Josh with his ambition and are hoping to be able to purchase a full size snooker table to enable Josh to mentor his peers.

Children and young people with autism often struggle socially and the snooker table will bring them all together, provide a central point for conversation and developing friendships and provide a shared interest.  

Other related conditions to autism, such as dyspraxia, cause problems with fine and gross motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and concentration - so not only will the snooker table be an excellent gathering point it will provide invaluable opportunities to develop these physical and mental skills also.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

You will receive a thank you card and a picture drawn by one of our children/young people

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