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To provide food parcels for 220 households on average a week for a year, along with extra support for the elderly, disabled, and homeless,

by Orphelina Soutra Ni Diguiya in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

We recognized the need to support our local and national communities during these unprecedented times, therefore a Free Mobile Orphelina Soutra Service was established and has been operating and serving meals throughout the lockdown. Providing a daily service to individuals who have classified as vulnerable or advised to self isolate due to underlying health conditions.

We are a 100% Voluntary Humanitarian-aid organization that provides hot meals and support to the homeless community nationally. Please do share our project on social media if you can, all types of support bring us closer to our goal of providing the best services for the most vulnerable people. Orphelina Soutra Vision is a National without poverty and injustice, in which every person enjoys their right to a life of dignity. We aim to provide support to various people from the different parts of the National. To achieve this our organization makes an effort to improve the quality of life of the marginalized sector by conducting relevant programs and contributing resources to supply their needs.

We'll use your donations in the best way possible For every £1 donated, £1 is spent helping people transform their lives with Foods. We're incredibly thankful that you put your faith in us to do this on your behalf, and we want you to feel good as we promise you.  We'll make sure you can see how your gift helps by sharing stories of the people in the communities where we work.

On average we were serving around 200-220 meals per outreach session, Our work is only possible because of the generosity of your supporters by giving to his project.

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