Holistic mental health support Around The Pandemic

by Séamas in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Providing free holistic mental health support for vulnerable groups, carers and people who need in most due to the coronavirus crisis

by Séamas in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

With our projects at the Planetary Healing Centre, we help people going through mental health difficulties. We provide complementary support to un-paid carers, people experiencing cancer and we also work with children and young people. 

There is understandably more anxiety and stress related to fear of infection, social isolation and financial difficulties. We recognise that many people are in crisis as the lockdown has continued. We hear it from our community, we see the research confirming it and you may be seeing it yourself, personally, within your family, among your friends. 

Our services have been closed during the lockdown, leaving many people stranded due to the current pandemic (and also cutting our income from our holistic shop and hire of centre facilities). 

We have great testimonials from people about the help we have provided to them, and now we are returning to give more and better than before. Our team of nearly 20 therapists are willing to volunteer longer hours, volunteer from home making phone calls to very vulnerable people and see people online, working with them from a distance and then go back to see them in person when it is safe to do so. To address social distancing, fear, self-isolation and to protect those involved, we are going to adapt and increase our services and offer be-friending and holistic support online. 

With your support we will offer free holistic therapies support and be-friending services to as many people as we can - our existing services users and as many as we connect with who need our support.

We are now getting into position to restart provision of our range of therapies and support, switching to phone calling and on-line support. We have reached out to our volunteers to help them be strong and to our service users to help them recover and adjust for the new normal. As we do this, there is the opportunity to reach more people at home in our community. Less time travelling and changing between service users will help us to reach more individuals.  

With our Planetary Healing Centre closed, people can no longer drop in for support, an informal chat or make a booking, which was typical of many vulnerable people who had difficulty reaching out to us by phone.  We are not able to reach out to them in person and they are really isolated.  We have done a text drop to people, and our next step is a phone befriending service, calling each one of our current 162 service users, connecting personally to hear them where they are and how their mental health has been. We will offer connection with one of our therapists in line with their needs. 

We have developed protocols for our volunteer therapists to connect directly from their personal phone or zoom call, without impacting the professional distancing needed on both sides.

Our help to individuals in line with their needs, covers a range of over 30 holistic and energy therapies.  With online and phone calls we will still be able to offer quite a lot of the therapies we were able to offer before via distant healing and zoom calls plus be-friending services. 

Within the expansion of support offered online and phone, our aim is to develop the work further through on-line group services and continue offering it for years to come. Some people will be able to come out soon as the country re-opens, other people won't be able to do that due to fear or because of their acute health condition e.g. people with cancer. These people will still need to continue receiving support for their mental health, especially the elders who have become more and more disconnected with self-isolation. 

For those who are so vulnerable and so un-well, having our services being offered online or over the phone may be life saving for them. This is further reason why the service that we are asking you to support will continue for a long time. 

Mental health challenge is a really hard thing to go through and we estimate that the number of people suffering will increase exponentially because of the coronavirus world crises. It is a hard fact but it is a reality that we are witnessing through our contact with the clients who have contacted us. 

Every volunteer at the Planetary Healing Centre is willing to work extra hours in order to support those most in need in Scotland right now. Will you be part of that team too and support us by donation to our Project? 

Our charity has reputation, transparency, experience, expertise, a lot of integrity and a profound sense of working in community. We are counting on you joining us and donating. You help with your donation, we help with our time and expertise. 

Your donation will help pay for a coordinator for nearly 20 volunteers and connect them with 162 current users and we estimate that another 100 new people or more will seek our help during this really difficult time with coronavirus. Your donation will help us with our core costs to deliver this life saving mental health project. 

We are an independent charity and we do not receive any support from the government. To deliver our services we depend on what we raise ourselves. Our holistic shop helped funding a lot of our work but now it is closed. Everything is uncertain for us but one thing is certain: Our team of volunteers continue strong and determined to give even more at this difficult time for the people of the Earth. 

Our approach is unique – we use the holistic ways inspired by indigenous ways of working in community as tools for health and wellbeing promoting positive changes and empowerment for people. In this process, our volunteers are empowered too. 

Since 2003 we have been working locally creating sustainable health projects supporting people struggling with mental health, carers, people with cancer, children and young people. 

We actively train and support our volunteers within our organisation; we are proud to be a team of over 52 volunteers taking action towards equality, inclusion, health and wellbeing. 

Since our establishment, we have created, delivered or supported innovative and sustainable projects in Scotland, Brazil and recently in India. Details can be found here on our website.

We believe the answer to global health and wellbeing lies in balanced heart based leadership from all sections of society, including young people. Our charity is therefore proud to deliver services that include individuals, families, elders, children and young people. 



A world where people are empowered to make choices related to their health and wellbeing inspired by an understanding of the holistic ways of living a sustainable life, which is in harmony with the Earth. 


To develop innovative sustainable holistic projects that improve the livelihoods and well-being of all people.


The first £11,000 will fund the expansion of our new remote befriending service across our immediate community and, according to individual's needs, co-ordinate therapy sessions across our volunteers.

A further £11,000 with enable us to do more, sooner and for longer across a wider base, and develop community centred activities. We will also provide support to our indigenous brothers and sisters in Brazil, for whom the pandemic has increased greatly the challenges they face.

We aim to keep our running costs low and channel 90% towards directly helping those that need it most. 

We look forward to bringing you on board for this really important work.

This 5 minute video give a lot more detail about the Planetary Healing Centre - //player.vimeo.com/video/404885468.



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A holistic therapy worth up to £80 at our Holistic Wellbeing Project. You can choose what therapy you would like to access from a range of over 30 types of therapies. The therapies are listed here https://www.planetary-healing.org/therapies.html and we can offer only one from each volunteer.

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A Shamanic Healing session worth up to £140 with a Planetary Healing Centre board of trustee member. There are 6 trustees to choose from and they are all highly qualified and experienced practitioners. We can offer only one session per trustee across this reward.

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