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We need to make our world a Suicide Safer place. Our vision at RECOVERY Assistance Dogs is to help create a suicide safe community.

by lizzie.maitland in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

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Steve Davis 10th June 2020

Your work is very close to my heart and I hope that my modest donation will assist you in providing your wonderful service

lizzie.maitland 23rd April 2020

Thanks for all your lovely support and donations. It will really help us at RECOVERY Assistance Dogs to make a difference to everyone who is feeling that life is not worth living. It will enable us to train their dog to a very high level. Also we are helping people with free food parcels now and this will continue to motivate people with eating disorders to start to look after themselves better. This Charity, because if has so much inside knowledge (75% of Staff & Volunteers have all experienced having treatment for a Mental Health problem), walks with Survivors on this journey and really makes a difference to people's lives from the moment we first meet them. This is our vision, our aim and our culture to allow everyone choice and control in their life. Thanks again for your support. You have not just given money who have given a Survivor back their abundant life.

Elliott Tolmie 10th April 2020

I think dogs could be very special to those that have dark feelings, I know for a fact if I had a dog to comfort when sad it would mean the world. Think its a great idea to aid a huge problem.

martin john fisk 11th March 2020

I have one failed suicide attempt to my name and when it came to a point in my life that I was in that darkness again the one thing that stopped me was the thought of my dog never understanding where his daddy had gone. The bond between us is like no other and I know this is an incredibly worthwhile charity. Dogs are literally life savers.

sarah parkes 10th March 2020

After recently losing someone close to suicide, this jumped out to me and any work that can be done to prevent this deserves as much support from us as possible. Well done.

Sarah Rowan-Holmes 10th March 2020

This is a wonderful project and highlights everything that is so wonderful about the human/dog relationship. Companionship is so important. I wish the project every success.

Eden Lane 10th March 2020

Anything that can be done to help those that have literally reached the end of their will sounds fantastic to me. I have struggled with such thoughts at times myself, so I understand the turmoil that your mind can place you in if you let it. What a great cause.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more


Bring your dog or just come to participate with our RAD Dogs & Puppies to find out how we can train dogs to help stop suicidal feelings. This is a Group Session of up to 5 Participants at RAD Training Studio, Leicester.

£5 or more

Training Your Dog for Wellbeing

You will receive a RAD Training Manual written by Liz Maitland, KCAI (AD) 'Training Dogs for Your Wellbeing', a Centering Therapy Booklet (Mindfulness with a Dog) and the latest RAD Heads Up Magazine. All sent to your email address by PDF.

£52 or more

Sponsor a RAD Puppy

You will get a Certificate, Letter from the Puppy with pictures and information about how its training and support for the Client is progressing and a RAD Heads UP Magazine about everything that the Charity is doing to help with Mental Health every 3 months (4 times a year).

£70 or more

Improve your Dog's Behaviour

Liz Maitland KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor) specialising in Assistance Dogs. Will improve one challenging aspect of your dog's behaviour in a 121 Session (1 hour) at RAD Training Studio in Leicester.

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