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by Ian Munday in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 23rd March 2021 we successfully raised £4,975 ( + est. £652.50 Gift Aid ) with 76 supporters in 35 days

To provide an outfit of Android Tablets to support online learning for our Cadets both at the unit and at home.

by Ian Munday in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

Thank you to all that have supported us so far we have been amazed as to how effective this has been.  I have changed the video at the begining to show how Sea Cadets all around the country are coping and suppporting each other during the pandemic and lock downs.  We can use this technology to help out cadets too - Thank you all again.

We are a small Sea Cadet unit based in the far southwest of UK and up until the pandemic had raised some good levels of funding to refurbish our HQ and also to start a satellite unit in our nearest town Helston to meet the growing demand for youngsters to join our organisation.  Then along came 2020!  Our unit had to shut and our young people have had to endure their schools closing and experience serious interruptions to their education and all this has had a significant impact on their wellbeing.  We live in one of the most deprived areas of NW Europe and though many of you will enjoy visiting our area for your holidays our cadets live here all year round and struggle with both opportunities and life chances.


       Our cadets recently experiencing the modern maritime workplace in Falmouth

However, it is not all bad news and Cornwall has recently benefitted from EU funding for high speed fibre broadband and we will soon have that facility at our unit.  In order to fully exploit this resource we will use these basic but functional tablets to access exisiting online Sea Cadet training media for individual and groups of cadets and develop more.   In addition we can increase the opportunities of our cadets in education by allowing them to use these tablets for home distance learning if they have no home base facilities. 

With high speed broadband literally on our doorstep we are looking at ways to optimise that resource for the benefit of our Cadets and our community.  The Sea Cadet values are Commitment, Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, Self Discipline and Courage, which will give the youngsters a head start in life.  Some of our cadets have homes in some very challenging circumstances, poor learning environments and experience some serious inequalities in their daily lives.   By providing this modest resource we feel that we can help them develop these attributes and additionally open new doors for them. This will improve their overall life chances and start to level up their opportunities for the future.  


Sea Cadet life is often about getting on the water and engaging them in healthy outdoor pursuits.  On the other hand on those cold winter evenings and at times when we are unable to get them afloat a resource such as these tablets will enable us to continue to engage with these young people.  We can focus their enthusiasm for this technology towards a worthwhile cause, familiarising them with the systems and methods of the modern maritime workplace.  In this way we will be preparing them for their future and giving them opportunities that many will not be able to experience any other way.

Please consider supporting us with whatever you can afford to give and please if you can spread the word.



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The Gold Reward - Tallships Falmouth

For a £1000 pledge you will receive an invite for 2 people to join the Cadets for a VIP visit to the Falmouth Tallships Event in 2021 www.falmouth.co.uk/tallships A unique on water experience to see these magnificant vessels up close. Including a picnic at a secluded spot in the Fal Estuary with a glass or two of bubbly. Please note that travel and accommodation is not included

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£500 Reward - join the Cadets on the water

For a donation of £500 you will receive an invitation to join our Cadets for an on water experience. It could be Kayaking, sailing or power boating but it will be fun and may be wet! If you can't make it pass it on to a young person that you know who may really benefit from the experience. Please note that travel and accommodation is not included

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