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Empowering our community to stand with survivors, against sexual violence, through awareness raising, education, training and campaigning

by Survivors' Network in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Why this project is needed...

The devastating scale, prevalence and impact of sexual violence in our communities means that the number of survivors needing support across the country far outweighs the capacity of organisations like ours, leading to long waiting times for vital specialist support. 

We were already overwhelmed - Covid-19 has magnified what is an already huge issue, creating bottlenecks, increasing the individual support needs of survivors, and throwing up a whole new set of challenges to delivering services to the people who need them the most.

We know that we can’t continue like this. But this isn’t just a time of struggle, it is also an opportunity for us to think about what we want the world to look like, and to be part of the solution. We need to find ways to come together, share expertise and empower already passionate and driven people to make lasting change.

About the project...

We know that our towns and cities are full of dedicated, passionate and empathetic people who want to make our communities a safe place – and you are one of them! We believe in people power, in the impact communities can have when we come together to think, act and change. We hope you will join us on this journey.

This project is all about empowering you and the people you love. We want to connect you not only with our expertise but also with the wealth of resources which exist in our communities, sharing and working collaboratively on the information, knowledge and practical tools we all need to work together to ensure that no one faces the impacts of sexual violence, abuse or harassment alone. 

How we're going to do it…

Tools and Resources

We will develop a library of accessible online tools and resources, for survivors, their supporters, schools, charities, community groups and local businesses. This platform, alongside other survivor-led resources, will ensure that communities have constant access to resources and support and will allow survivors to practice self-led stabilisation and grounding techniques, as and when they need them.

Community, Campaigning, Education and Training

We will deliver a programme of psycho-educational events, groups, training sessions, and workshops across our community, reaching out through our partnerships with statutory services like the NHS, other charities, community groups, local businesses and schools, colleges and universities. This huge community outreach operation will empower people from all walks of life to address the issue of sexual violence and provide support to survivors in their immediate networks, empowering them with the knowledge and skills they need to talk about the issues, raise awareness, change attitudes, challenge behaviours and signpost into specialist services wherever needed.

Let's make 'Uniting Against Sexual Violence' happen

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