Tips & tools

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Here, you’ll be able to find links about how to make your project a big success.

All of the material is free for you to use whenever you want.

We have also pulled together materials that will help your project, win or lose. Whether that is how to build support through social media, or how to get local PR to understanding more about crowdfunding.

Submitting your project

Before you start, take a few moments to read our submission guide for some top tips on how to write a winning project entry.

Crowdfunding for your cause

Heard of crowdfunding but aren’t quite sure where to start? Crowdfunding pro, but wondering if there is more to learn? We’ve teamed up with Crowdfunder UK this year and they have put together a library of really useful resources to help you make the most of your crowdfunding efforts.

Find out more at Crowdfunder UK

Ways to get those votes in

Ways to share your project

Let people know about your entry by sharing the project details on Facebook, Twitter and other social media – or send everyone you know an email, asking them to vote. Go to the project you want to tell people about and click on the share buttons at the top of the page

The power of a poster

Download and print our Aviva Community Fund poster (PDF 786KB) now, add your details and help spread the word in your local community.

Online promotional toolkit

Create your own banners online or use the banner we have created to encourage people to come and show their support for your project.