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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Cave Rescue Organisation ("CRO") is the Mountain and Cave Rescue Team for the "Three Peaks" area of the Yorkshire Dales. Formed in 1935 and run exclusively by volunteers, we are the oldest such team in the world. On call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we save lives above and below ground, responding to calls from those who live and work in our wonderful part of the country as well as those who travel to enjoy its rugged beauty.
We rescue walkers, climbers, cavers, cyclists - indeed anyone unfortunate enough to get into difficulty in a rural location, even animals; in 2016 alone we attended 99 incidents.
Our headquarters are at Clapham in the heart of the community we serve and our members live locally and form part of that community. We are very proud to have been awarded The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service in 2010, our 75th anniversary year.
As well as attending call-outs, team members train regularly and spend many hours raising funds to ensure that we are able to provide a world class voluntary rescue service utilising the most appropriate techniques and equipment.
A key piece of our mountain rescue hardware is the vacuum mattress. This is a full body, sealed mat containing numerous small beads. The mattress is shaped around the casualty's body before the air is removed with a small hand-pump. The beads form a rigid cocoon around the person providing stability and protection while the team carries them to safety, often over challenging terrain and in atrocious weather. Vacuum mattresses are particularly valuable in protecting casualties where spinal, pelvic, long bone or internal internal injuries are suspected. They can be used with our rescue stretchers where casualties must be lowered or raised vertically and in conjunction with helicopters and team Landrovers.
Our project is to purchase two vacuum mattresses, and large rucksacks in which to carry them, to enable us to continue to save lives in our local area.

Cave Rescue Organisation

Drawn from the Yorkshire Dales community, team members are fiercely proud of the CRO's heritage of service. All give their time freely and share a determination to provide a world class response for those in trouble, an ambition which can be significantly enhanced by this project

Location: Clapham, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom