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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Billingham Juniors Football Club were very grateful to receive a £1,000 AVIVA Community Fund grant last year. We had recently taken over the ground of a former cricket club and used the grant to purchase some heavy-duty gardening equipment to enable our team of parents and volunteers to carry out ground works, clearing the site, cutting back overgrown trees and shrubs and preparing the ground for a footpath.

Thanks to this hard work the site was ready for us to host our annual football tournament at our own ground for the first time and the photos show what a great weekend over 20 local junior teams had. The site will now also be used as the home ground for our mini soccer teams for the 2017/18 season onwards.

The club continues to fundraise to provide equipment and kit for the teams and at the same time we are trying to continue with the development of our club and ground. Now that the major groundwork is completed we need to concentrate on the rest of the site, and we are applying again for a £1,000 grant which we would use to help with this work. This next stage of work includes improving clubhouse facilities and access to the ground.

We want to improve the clubhouse which has a small kitchen area and two toilets, we have been repairing and decorating to provide some basic facilities but there is still further work to do. There are also two small changing rooms which are currently not in use. We would like to restore them to provide extra facilities so that the junior players have somewhere to prepare and shelter in bad weather. We would also like to add some signage on the site, this would improve the appearance of the clubhouse, identify and promote the club and make it easier for visiting teams to find us.

Bilingham Juniors Football Club

We have an amazing team of volunteers who commit a lot of their time running the club and developing the site of our new home ground. They are keen to continue this development so we can offer more local youngsters the facilities to enjoy and play sport.

Location: Billingham, United Kingdom