Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The 3rd South West Cheshire (Wolverton) Scout Group were fortunate enough to receive funding from Aviva last year towards resurfacing our driveway.

To recap, our HQ is at the rear of No 3 Albion Street Crewe CW2 8NB. The Group has Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. They are girls and boys aged between 6 and 15 years old. We welcome all ethnithcities, backgrounds and abilities.

We are part of the largest volunteer led organisation in the UK. Our Group has about 60 families attending, some with more than one child taking part. We have 15 - 20 adult volunteers providing activities at weekly meetings and forming the Group Executive Committee.

The objectives of Scouting are to make the lives of young people better by offering new adventures, experiencing the outdoors and interacting with others to gain confidence enabling them to reach their full potential ready to take their place in society. Scouting is 'For All' and we focus on being predominately Youth Led.

Our newly resurfaced drive has put the parking areas to shame and we are working towards developing our original project further. We would like to make good the existing parking areas and extend them to enable a doubling of the available parking space. It will also improve the turning area too. The Mayor of Crewe Town Council came to open the drive and for the Mayoral car to have to leave the fantastic new tarmac surface and park in the grass and shale was a bit of a let down!

We offer our premises for hire and currently have another Scout Group 'lodging' with us while their own HQ is being rebuilt. This has increased the number of vehicles needing to park at anyone time, particularly at times when young children are being collected and older ones dropped off.

We continue to raise funds as much as we can and current activities are two parents undertaking a sponsored Metric Marathon, we have another bag pack booked at a Morrison's Store and have encouraged all families to sign up to the Easyfundraising website. We are in an area which is mainly 'affordable housing' and some families do struggle to pay subscriptions so any projects like this need a little extra help.

The first photo attached shows members of the Group. The second picture is the building to the right and in the background in the main picture at the time of the new driveway being prepared and one of the parking areas is behind it. The third picture is the first parking area to be worked on and the fourth picture is the second area we are wanting to convert to parking. The final picture shows work in progress on the new drive.

The plan is to lay a membrane and establish gravel reinforcement grids to create a solid surface prior to covering with gravel. These materials have cost £746.99 and then we will need to have the work carried out. We have selected a very competitive quote for £800 for this work to be done. The whole area, with the parking around the buildings will then blend together, with the field for games and camping in the middle.

Scout Association, South West Cheshire District, 3rd (Wolverton) Scout Group

It feels so great when driving down the new driveway. I have been a Leader with the Group for 30+ years and never have we been able to drive (almost glide!) down to our HQ as we do now. We have children of former Scouts attending and their parents constantly comment about how fantasitic it is now.

Location: Albion Street, Crewe, United Kingdom