Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


How would we use the money?

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team (BMRT) is a charity run entirely by volunteers. Although we primarily rescue people (& animals) who are lost or injured in the hills; increasingly we are being asked to search and rescue people from floodwater, rivers, reservoirs & other bodies of water.

We train hard in all the necessary skills; all team members undertaking Water Awareness training at least once a year. We also have a team of 10 who are qualified as Water First Responders or Swiftwater Rescue Technicians. This team of 10 trains many times a year, sometimes alongside other Mountain or Water Rescue Teams. We practise skills such as swimming in white water, rescuing ‘casualties’ from moving water, searching water margins and wading through fast-flowing water.

We are applying for funding for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our water rescue trained personnel so that we can be appropriately kitted out when called to rescue or search for people in & around water. Presently we have no PPE and cannot commit fully to water incidents without borrowing PPE from our neighbouring teams.

With £5000 we would be able to kit out 6 water rescue personnel with a heavy duty drysuit, a specialist buoyancy aid, helmet, throwline and belt. With 6 rescuers kitted out we have 2 sections that could be deployed independently to search water margins, including reservoirs and rivers; work in floodwater and within water, and when combined they would work as 1 unit to safely effect rescues within moving water.

Who would benefit?

The water rescue personnel would benefit from this funding as they would be able to go on water-specific callouts whilst being fully protected from the water and any hazards within it. The Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation, (and other Mountain Rescue (MR) teams within the region would benefit), as there would be more personnel available to search and rescue in any water–related incident that the teams are called to. The statutory emergency services would benefit as the voluntary MR teams are often called to work alongside these services; therefore we would be supporting these already over-stretched resources.

Lastly, but most importantly the public within our wider community would benefit. There would be more rescue personnel available to respond to any water-related incidents. Waiting time, in what are often time-critical incidents would be reduced and the chance of success, within the rescue, greatly increased. In terms of water-rescue, our area covers not only most of the Peak District but reaches into neighbouring cities such as Manchester, Sheffield, Stockport & Derby.

Why should people vote for us?

As volunteers we are putting in hundreds of hours alongside our day-to-day jobs, to train to an exceptionally high level, to respond to the 999 call when members of the public need our services. It would be fantastic if people would vote to kit out our water rescue team so that we can expand our capabilities and provide the service that we all train exceptionally hard for.

We are already highly respected within our community and we have a lot of support. However, people often don’t realise that we are entirely funded by public donations. We already fundraise to keep the team operational 24 hours a day, 365 days per year but as times, (and the climate) changes, we are increasingly asked to respond to new challenges and require new equipment to enable us to deal with them. Therefore, this is an additional expenditure that we need to source funding for.

If we are successful in this funding bid, we would purchase the additional equipment straight away. As we already have 10 water rescue personnel trained, this would immediately enhance the team’s capability with regard to water response.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team

What makes us proud?

We are proud of our community who raise money for us and positively support us , and also our team members who train very hard to be able to rescue people from life-threatening situations. We respond day & night, anytime of year, in any weather to people’s shouts for help.

Location: Dove Holes