Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Practical cookery lessons are a vital part of the Primary School Curriculum, however our facilities to help develop these skills are limited.

Children have to learn about food, cooking and nutrition under the national curriculum, we would like to help make these classes more enjoyable and educational by providing resources such as cookery books, ingredients, equipment, utensils etc. This would allow every child to practice and learn important life skills.

Learning about food, how to prepare it and the principles of a healthy diet is important for every child - please vote for our project to allow the children to develop their cookery skills.

Chinley Primary School PTA

It would be lovely to see the community pull together to help increase the facilities and resources that the children have access to, providing children with life skills is very important to us, we would enjoy watching the children develop and grow into little chefs!

Location: Chinley