Funding level: Up to £1,000


Chestnut Grove Academy (CGA) has a postcode that does not reflect its diversity. 76% of students are from minority ethnic groups, resulting in over 80 languages spoken in students’ homes and 36% have English as an additional language (EAL). Diversity is embraced and in 2016 CGA was awarded the Accord Award for Inclusivity to recognise the range of religious and social issues that are taught in a challenging and thoughtful way.

The Friends of Chestnut Grove (FoCG) are a group of parents and staff connected to the school fundraising, supporting parents and students at the school and encouraging school/parent communication. Established in 2013 an elected committee meets every ½ term and organise events and activities, as well as supporting school events and concerts with refreshments.

Over the last three years, the FoCG have noticed, and been concerned that, despite the very wide demographic of the school, BME and EAL groups are poorly represented both on the FOCG committee itself, and in attendance to events that they organise. 2018 is a pivotal year for the CGA, as it completes a transformation from a 1970's bungalow style school to brand new buildings with a new, more open central recreational space and therefore, the group is keen to mark the new chapter in the life of the school by working with and encouraging these groups to take part and be more involved.

The FOCG would like to hold their own 'International Event' to mark the opening of the new school, celebrating the diversity and culture of the school demographic and the surrounding area.

The aims of this event will be to
• Introduce the school community to the different cultures that are present, and celebrate these cultures through traditional cuisine, music and dancing.
• Encourage the BME community of the school to get involved in the event by cooking traditional foods, or demonstrating traditional arts.
• Bring together the local community by encouraging groups that do not normally access the school and its events to come along.
• Increase the range of ethnicities and cultures of the people who are engaged in the school community; enriching the school and benefitting students and the community.

The International Event will be on a much larger scale than previous events. Specific funding from the AVIVA fund will be vital in order for it to go ahead to ensure that no costs are incurred by the groups taking part (which may be preventative for them).

Food (£4,500)
Stalls will be available to hire for free to local community groups and families, to enable those visiting to experience the food of the different cultures. Funding would cover the hire of gazebos, tables and hot plates for this to be possible. Additionally, funding could be used to buy ingredients for the event. CGA’s new food technology department will be available for people to prepare their food if required.

Performing arts: (£2,500)
The FoCG would like to schedule a programme of displays of different cultures on the day, celebrating dance, music and arts. Again, they would want to ensure the costs for these are minimal, and therefore the funding would provide the hire for a stage, PA system and travel costs if they are incurred.

Students from CGA will also take part, and will be asked to celebrate culture through performance. This will include dance, music and even potentially drama. The funding will enable the appropriate supervision of these students at the event. (£2,500).

Funding will also be required for marketing and advertising (£500).

At least 100 students (11-18) will be involved, at least 50 people from the local community will be engaged in performing/cooking, and at least 100 members of the local community will come along and experience the day.

The FoCG estimate that £1000 from Aviva would cover these costs and enable maximum impact and leave a legacy of greater involvement of BME groups with CGA.

Friends of Chestnut Grove

Chestnut Grove Academy is a happy and vibrant place to learn, and students and staff alike are
Unified and
Determined. We are too proud to be part of the diverse school community that values vital life skills and integration alongside academic achievement.

Location: Balham, London, United Kingdom