Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Portlethen Voluntary Ambulance is a completely voluntary organisation which runs a 15 seater minibus for the benefit of the community. Initially for people who cannot get to the Doctor's surgery due to illness or frailty, the minibus is also used by a number of community groups. These include, the local bowling club who had to attend a competition 75 miles away, a local sheltered housing association who use it for day trips, the local church takes people to services who could not attend otherwise, the "old people's" club and the "lunch" club use it to collect people who would otherwise be able to attend these events.
The voluntary drivers take a half day each ona rota to cover Monday to Friday and there are other volunteers who cover the weekends and any of the outings mentioned above.
This is not a National Health Service facility and it relies solely on voluntary donations from collecting cans left in pubs, clubs and local shops and pharmacies along with fund raising events and local sponsorship.
The mini bus requires to be replaced every three years to avoid breakdowns and temporary loss of the facility if the minbus is off the road. This costs around £30,000 each time and whilst this has been possible in the past , fund raising is a struggle and a grant in the £1000 to £5000 range from the Aviva Comunity Fund would be very much appreciated.It could also be recogniesd by a logo on the minibus as has been the case for other sponsirs in the past.
That is the position and we should be glad of a positive response.

Portlethen Voluntary Ambulance

This is a purely voluntary organisation set up and run for the good of the communty with a great deal of local time and effort put in by all the volunteers. It is much appreciated by the local community and vey much regarded as a valuable community service.

Location: Portlethen