Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The average age of death amongst homeless men is 47 in the UK, for homeless women just 43. Homelessness has more than doubled since 2010.

We are a registered charity offering outreach services to rough sleepers and some vulnerably housed people. Our volunteers are out on the streets at night offering hot and cold drinks, food, snacks, meal replacement drinks, clothing, underwear, hygiene items and sleeping bags to those in need. Most importantly we offer a hug and a good old chat.

As a charity our work is non judgemental, we work with people who perhaps have mental health issues, drug and drink addiction plus those who have none of these issues but find themselves without a place to call home.

When we meet these people the journey they have been on will most likely have been a harsh one and they are not ready to be helped onto the next step. When they are ready for that help, we can signpost them to the services they need.

We also support them if they finally reach that point, offering home starter packs with the basics they might need to spend their first nights under a roof.

Our charity runs in Chatham, Maidstone, London and in Yorkshire. We are a very small charity with big intentions. We have no paid employees, all our volunteers are people who work during the day and undertake this amazing work on evenings and weekends.

The funding we are looking for would be set aside for the growth of the charity in Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire side of the charity has been up and running since January 2017. Currently our outreach is in Huddersfield and in Halifax.

In Yorkshire we really need more equipment to enable us to take our outreach one step further and more regular. In particular we need trolleys for transporting our items around the towns, air pot flasks for hot drinks plus essential supplies such as food, sleeping bags, hats and gloves. This would mean that more people could benefit from our services in the future.

One Big Family - Helping the Homeless

I am so proud to be a part of this charity. I am a trustee and also co-ordinate the Yorkshire side of things. This project started with one person buying a sandwich for a homeless person outside a gig venue and from that and with much love and determination it has grown into a viable charity.

Location: Huddersfield