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Funding level: Up to £1,000


White Cross Water Ski Club was founded in 1961 as a water ski club focused on providing facilities to bring families to the sport. Still going strong, over 50 years later, we are based alongside the river Ouse in Cawood near Selby, North Yorkshire. It is a member run non-profit club which is registered as a CASC (Community Armature Sports Club), with members ranging from just months old up to 70+, with some of these members joining when the club founded. We offer exceptionally low membership fees. Any additional funding towards the new build will allow club fees to remain low, allowing more families to be introduced to the sport.
Over the last few years the previous club house had deteriorated beyond repair. It was made of two connecting structures composed of asbestos cement corrugated sheets clad onto a light weight steel frame, which were reassembled at the club yard when the club opened. We contended with leaks, rising damp, poor insulation, mice and frog infestation, and mould spores in the showers and toilets. With many repairs throughout the years it was long overdue a new building, which is also in keeping with the village. So planning permission was applied for and the fund raising began to build a new club house. Building started November 2016, and with all works undertaken by members in their spare time fantastic progress has been made, with aims for a water tight structure before this coming winter. Funds are limited however members have shown great commitment with positive attitudes all round and would feel a real boost with additional support to be able to get further with this project.
It means a great deal to our all members to see a building fit for purpose. Some of our members travel as far afield as Bolton (Lancs), Thirsk and Leeds and with a new improved club house we can offer changing facilities to be proud of, encourage new members and bring further awareness of the sport. We will also be able to provide disabled facilities opening the sport, as recognised by British Disabled Water-ski and Wakeboard Association, at our club to new members that we couldn’t before. Coaching/training days and instructor courses will now also offer full facilities with a great first impression, encouraging further participation in the sport, with much improved year round training facilities for our two members who are part of the British Barefoot team.
We have fantastic support from the local community, one of our past fund raising activities included the Cawood Craft Festival on August bank holiday (of which sadly 2016 was the last one) offering boat rides for the weekend. Such activities allows those from the community a chance to experience the river they live by safely. We plan to have an open day next year to show our local community what they have contributed towards and the additional benefits of our new facilities. We can’t wait to show what we have achieved through hard work and support.
The first photo shows the old clubhouse. The next 3 are stages of the club house re-build: demolition, construction and most recent progress. The final photo shows one of our younger members thoroughly enjoying wakeboarding on the river for you to see what we love to do. The video included was filmed by ThatsYorkTV for their local channel and they gave permission for it to be used to support our application.

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White Cross Water Ski Club

White Cross is a family, it is a member run club working hard to provide a fun and safe environment for all ages to take part in water sports. Club members have given up their spare time to build the new club house, the community spirit has been amazing, providing facilities f

Location: Cawood