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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Parent Staff Association (“PSA”) at Fern Hill Primary School in Kingston-upon-Thames is raising funds to spend on new books and reading areas in the school. Increasing the range and quality of books will have an immediate and lasting impact on over 700 local children, aged between 3 and 11, who attend the school.

Fern Hill is a community primary school which enjoys a modern building and offers a stimulating learning environment. It is a friendly and welcoming school where children experience a happy and fulfilling education.

The PSA is an enthusiastic, energetic group of individuals who work together to build a strong sense of community among children, parents and staff at the school. We raise funds for equipment and projects which enhance and enrich the educational opportunities available to pupils. In this, the school’s 20th anniversary year, we are raising funds to support and enhance the children’s reading opportunities. In particular we would like to:

• Purchase a wider range of books for the children to enjoy. We want children to have access to books on a variety of topics that will enable them to explore and understand the wonderfully diverse world in which they are growing up;

• Replace some old-favourites which have been so loved that they simply cannot be used any more! This is so important to ensure that future pupils can also enjoy sharing these much-loved stories with their friends in class and with their families at home; and

• Enhance and improve the reading areas within the school. We want to make the book displays more imaginative and appealing, ensure that books are more accessible and that seating areas are not just comfortable but also inspirational. We want to give our children an exciting environment to immerse themselves fully in a good book.

We are passionate in our belief that reading enriches children’s learning across all areas of the curriculum and beyond. Access to a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction books provides them with the inspiration to be more creative in their writing, ideas to be more imaginative in their art, the tools to express their emotions and the ability to explore and make sense of the world in which they are growing up. Fern Hill is proud of its diversity and the range of cultures, religions, languages and backgrounds represented by its families and we believe that books are a great way to celebrate this.

At Fern Hill we don’t just want our children to learn to read, we want them to do so with enjoyment and understanding. Children at the school are encouraged to use and enjoy books at every opportunity throughout the day - in the classrooms, in the two school libraries and even in the playground in our outdoor Reading Shed. Additional funds would enable our children to continue to enjoy them as much as possible and to use books to enhance their social, as well as their academic, skills.

Fern Hill Primary School Parent Staff Association

Our school is passionate about celebrating the full diversity of our community - encouraging pupils to be tolerant of and empathetic towards others.

Location: Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom