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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Ashleigh school farm in Wymondham, Norfolk is a great way to engage the young nursery and primary-aged children - getting them closer to nature and 'hands-on' with animals (such as orphan lambs, chickens, rabbits).

In addiction, plants, fruits and and crops (grown in special polytunnels) that are even sold at a special school 'farmers market' every Friday!

Here is a video from the official school site showing the farm and the children happily interacting with it as part of their lessons.

There is also a blog that they update with photos and stories of how they bring nature to life!/

The school has done a really good job so far with the farm but the additional funding could really help them secure it moving forward, with additional animals, food, maintaining it, teaching materials and plants/crops. The farm is a real labour of love and any additional community funding would I'm sure be gratefully received by the school and the PTA.

Project Video

Ashleigh Primary school & nursery

My son attends the nursery and already is in love with the farm, seeing the chickens or learning about plants. It makes me proud that he wants to understand nature and the countryside in which we live in rural Norfolk.

Location: Wymondham