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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The George Tomlinson Fairytale Library is an exciting new addition to the School which has been made possible by the efforts of the school and the PTFA who have worked hard to secure funds to transform an under- utilised and uninspiring area in the school into a magical fairytale themed library.

Although the library now has new shelving, furniture and some books that have been donated by parents and other generous organisations, there is still a need to buy further stock for the library which includes quality classical and contemporary texts representative of Leytonstone's diverse community. Furthermore, we wish to purchase soft furnishings which will allow us to create cosy and snug areas within the library to encourage children to find a safe place to relax, dream and lose themselves in magical worlds, weird and wonderful characters, faraway places, exciting adventures and historical events.

To animate the library and to create a space which inspires a love of reading in all pupils, we would like to programme a season of author talks, poetry slams, storytelling sessions and interactive workshops which will help bring to life the texts in the library, create excitement about stories and storytelling and in turn foster good reading habits amongst the children, help build confidence, improve language and communication skills and help improve overall mental health & well- being.

We want the Fairytale Library project to:
• Inspire the pupils to read more regularly on their own and in groups
• Develop a culture of reading at home with their parents
• Increase literacy levels across the whole school
• Help instil a life -long passion for reading
• Involve more parents and community members as reading mentors
• Enable pupils to take an active role in managing their library - from giving advice to the types of books they would like to read to the type of events they would like to see programmed.

The PTFA will support the school in its vision to continue to transform the library into a welcoming and well- resourced learning environment. We want to give all pupils a positive experience of books, and for the school library to reflect the ethos and values of the whole school, promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

George Tomlinson PTFA

George Tomlinson is a multi-cultural school with over 560pupils. 70% have English as a second language. In the last 12 months children and staff have worked hard to improve reading attainment levels by 9%. The PTFA provides a range of enriching experiences to support the children's learning.

Location: Leytonstone Station, Church Lane, London, United Kingdom