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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Some eight years ago Anderton St Joseph’s Scout Group was slipping into oblivion. We had very few young people attending, only six Beavers, six Cubs and no Scout section. The Group was in a dire financial state with virtually no money and if not for the Leaders donating their own money the Group would have gone out of existence. They had little or no equipment and what they had was old, worn out and almost totally useless.

However the introduction of a new Leadership team at that time and with help from some willing parent volunteers we have managed to turn the Group around and we have grown so much that we now cater for around 70 young people every week. The Beavers and Cub sections are full to bursting and we now have a successful Scout section.

This transformation has not been easy and only achieved through long hours of work from the dedicated Leaders and parent Executive team who have put together exciting and fun programmes and raised funds to allow us to deliver these programmes. We have also received excellent help and support from our local Parish Council for the work we have been doing for the youth of the village and surrounding area.

Between us we have begged and borrowed equipment cajoled and persuaded people to help to get us through but we now need to move the Group forward. We need to be able to offer more activities and especially residential and outdoor activities. To do this we need to purchase some good quality camping and outdoor equipment to reduce our reliance on others.

Residential activities are an essential part of the development of young people; they provide the opportunity to learn many of the life skills they will need in future life in a safe and fun environment. They give the young people a “peg up” in life so that they are not solely reliant on other people to get by. We start with simple things like looking after their belongings, personal hygiene and develop this for the older ones to budgeting for and cooking nutritional meals and developing their ability to look after and care for themselves and others. The activities are designed to build self-confidence and self-esteem, teaching them about working together, to take responsibility for their own actions, to look after others, to respect people and property and enhance their overall well-being.

Most children these days live relatively sedentary lives and the residential experiences get them out undertaking physical activities. We design the activities to challenge them whilst being achievable and most importantly fun. This helps improve both their physical and mental well-being; they develop positive attitudes and the ability to take on life’s challenges. It also has a spin off by teaching them about nature, their environment and the different ways of life and the importance of preserving these.

It is essential that we begin planning the next phase in the Groups development now so that come spring and summer we have the additional equipment to allow us to get the youngsters out and about and enjoying the activities. We are a progressive modern group offering a 21st century programme that we believe meets the needs of the young people . We try hard to develop every young persons potential by using structured activities, in many cases individually tailored to their needs. It is clear that we are doing something right by the number of youngsters who regularly attend and seeing the huge development of individuals and the Group as a who;le. This is also reflected in the confidence shown by the parents in letting us work with their young people .

We are now in a position where a little more help will see a big change to the dynamics of the programme and enable us to ensure that we can carry on developing fun programmes for the young people.

Anderton St Joseph's Scout Group

There can be no finer reward than to see a youngsters beaming smile when they achieve something they didn't think they could do. To see shy and timid children develop into confident outgoing young people ready to take on the world is absolutely amazing

Location: Anderton, United Kingdom