Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Lindow Community Primary School is one of the smaller schools in Wilmslow but one with a big reputation for its practice of social inclusion and its specialist teaching unit for hearing impaired children.

Like most schools these days, Lindow depends upon its Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – a registered charity – to provide funding for a variety of projects, including new information technology hardware, books for the library and sports, music and numeracy equipment, as well as enhancing the physical environment of the school. This current project seeks to raise money to develop further baking facilities within the school.

Currently, the school has a kitchen facility within the main body of the school. The baking facilities are accessed by all 200 children within the school. Baking and cooking offers a range of learning opportunities for children, primarily developing their social, communication and life skills, but also their finer motor skills. There are opportunities to reinforce literacy and numeracy skills as children read recipes and measure ingredients. Cooking and food preparation are used to develop vital healthy eating knowledge in a fun and practical way. Below is a link for a press article demonstrating one of the many uses of our facilities.

The current facility is well used, especially by children with special educational needs. These children often work in small groups and staff find it difficult to find availability in the current facility as it is so well used. The school has also recently established an after-School Club, run as a non-profit organisation, to meet the needs of working parents. An additional kitchen facility would be used by both the school and the after-school club for cooking/baking as well as snack preparation.

There is potential to improve a small outdated kitchen in an area of the school that was once part of a preschool and the PTA would like to renovate this to create a refreshed, exciting environment for our children. The plumbing and electrics are present so we would like to buy two new sinks, a small new worktop and a cooker, as well as storage. We believe this is achievable within the £1000 budget of this fund, and would look to complete the work in the summer holidays of 2018.

We would like people to vote to support our project as these facilities would be used every day by our children and will continue to be used for many years. As well as allowing more children the opportunity to develop their cooking skills in a way which supports the more formal curriculum, the use of these facilities within the after-school club will support working parents.

Lindow CP School Parent Teacher Association

I feel proud to be a part of Lindow CP School, which fulfils it's reputation as an inclusive, caring community primary school. My children are very lucky to attend this school, and have gained so much confidence from this wonderful learning environment.

Location: Wilmslow