Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are a group of fellow-sufferers of Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerocis and as such we are part of the Medway Neurological Network and we have been advised that singing is vitaly important to help us improve our Health and Wellbeing. To this end we meet every Saturday morning at St Mary's Island Community Centre, from 10.30 until noon for tuition. There we are coached on these occasions. by one or maybe two musicians from a group of five, who are members of the 'Canterbury Cantata Trust - Caring Through Singing', a Canterbury based charity helping people of all ages and abilities to improve health and wellbeing through active participation in singing and voice control. This involves a warm up and breathing excercise session followed by singing a great variety of popular old and modern songs from around the world including sea shanties and folk songs etc. Weekly attendance is difficult to judge but usually between ten and twelve, depending on holiday season etc.
I am sure you will appreciate that these activities do not come cheap, as all of the professionals guiding us through these activities need to be paid for their time and expenses re-imbursed. Also the weely hire of the hall is yet another drain on our resources. On one occasion in July this year it was decided to cancel a Saturday morning practice session and use the money thereby saved, to fund a public performance at a local Youth Gala in Gillingham Park, thereby raising awareness of our group and some much needed funds to help keep the group solvent

Canterbury Cantata Trust

I am extremely impressed at the dedication of the of members towards volunteering to take part in drug trials etc. hoping to find a cure for our problem. It is unlikely to be found in our life time but as long as it benefits future sufferers we are committed to keeping up the fight.

Location: Medway, United Kingdom