Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We would like to provide active outdoor adventures for over 50 children aged 5 - 18 years old in the Northumberland countryside, taking them to wild and remote places, and teaching them to navigate, look after themselves safely (including first aid training, equipment training, leadership and team work). We will work with first aid instructors and the Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Service to deliver sessions, and would like to give the children the ultimate challenge of climbing The Cheviot at the end of the sessions. The funding would provide equipment and training sessions.

The project will enable the children to have safe adventures in wild places, improve health and fitness, develop self-confidence and understanding of the natural environment, and give them challenges that they will be proud to complete. These outdoor challenges will improve the children's sense of responsibility and purpose in life, developing them intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially and morally.

Building self-confidence and self-esteem is fundamental to any young person’s development. Outdoor activities provide valuable opportunities for achievement, and develop independence and self-reliance. Through successfully facing up to the challenges which outdoor activities provide, overcoming fears and apprehensions along the way, young people make major strides in confidence, with implications for all aspects of their development.

Experience in the outdoors provides rich opportunities for personal and social development through carefully structured group work in challenging situations. Trust, care, tolerance and the willingness to give and accept support are all encouraged and anti-social behaviour is challenged. The children are given opportunities to develop effective inter-personal behaviour and to work co-operatively and effectively in teams.

Outdoor exercise contributes greatly to health and fitness and developing a love for the outdoors and continued participation in outdoor pursuits throughout their life will have long-term health benefits.

Our outdoor adventures will introduce the children to the environment in a way which develops understanding appreciation, awe, wonder and respect. It fosters sensitivity to the environment, helps young people to see themselves in a global context and helps them to develop as citizens with an awareness of the need for sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.

By offering challenging outdoor experiences, we give the children an opportunity to develop communication, problem solving and decision making skills which are vital across a range of occupations. We seek to broaden their horizons, relish challenges, and persevere when the going gets tough. This attitude will serve them well as they become independent and enter the adult world.

We hope that the children will grow and thrive through their adventures with 1st Whittingham BP Scout Group, whilst having huge amounts of fun and making friends for life!

1st Whittingham BP Scout Group

1st Whittingham BP Scout Group have developed a great leadership team, including three Summer Mountain Leaders and two DofE Award assessors, and this has helped us to grow the group to help as many children as possible to get active in the outdoors, and challenge themselves in new adventures.

Location: Northumberland, United Kingdom