Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Creation of a bright and cheerful library learning space which will become the hub of the school.
With modern technology overruling traditional reading we have a passion for igniting the children's interests in reading.
The library will provide the fundamental skills for learning across all subjects and topics.
Children will have the opportunity to choose their own books resulting in independent learning. They will be able to utilise the area at lunch and break times, children who struggle socially will be able to relax and feel comfortable in this area not previously possible.
A fully stocked library is very expensive and unaffordable by the school alone as the government funding leaves budgets very tight.
The PTFA have contributed towards the library and book plates are being sold to parents however the installation date is not possible until more funding is sort.

Allington Primary School PTFA

I feel very proud of the continuous efforts of the PTFA who strive to provide additional funding for the School. Their amazing efforts given voluntarily result in providing our children with resources and opportunities to extend with their learning and discover new experiences.

Location: Allington, Maidstone, United Kingdom