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Funding level: Up to £1,000


A cardiac arrest can happen at any time and often to apparently fit and active sports men and women including children of any age, as well as those new to exercise. The reason it can occur in children so easily is due to their heart muscle still being in a period of growth.
We are a Community Rowing Club with over 300 members aged 12 – 80. Members train hard to compete locally and around the country. We also have a busy, recreational rowing group of primarily retired local people who are looking to row as a regular or occasional activity as a means of staying active. In addition, we provide rowing facilities and instruction for local state schools and once a year, hold an event open to local businesses to have a go. We recognise the risks of sudden cardiac arrest.

As well as those involved in rowing, we are situated on the edge of our town in a relatively remote location, with no road access to our club, so an ambulance cannot get closer than 200m in an emergency. We are next to a lock, towpath and canal, which are popular with walkers, hikers and boaters including kayakers and paddleboarders of all ages. Many youth groups come through our site on endurance races en route to London.

We would like to buy an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to make available to anyone who is in the vicinity and who finds themselves in need. Their user-friendly design means that even an inexperienced defib user can easily follow the clear visual and audio instructions provided by the unit.
There are no AEDs in our local area .

Not only will this provide recognised support to our members and visitors, it would be promoted with the National Trust who owns and operates the local Thames Lock. An adjacent block of flats right by the lock, principally providing residences for retired people, would benefit from the AED access.
Our nearest medical facility, Weybridge Community Hospital, burnt down in July this year thus leaving Weybridge with no local medical support. This has been an additional driver for us in applying for this grant.

An AED costs around £1500 and requires a replacement battery every 5-7 years, at a cost of approximately £400. We are funded entirely by our members, but have quite a lot of passing ‘traffic’ who are as much at risk as our members. We seek help to fund an AED as a community resource.
The AED would be publicly sign-posted both at the entrance to our club, which is by the lock, and also near the nearest parking area, highlighting the distance and location. Our constructive relationship with the lock keeper and the residents of the flats means it will truly be a community service.

Weybridge Rowing Club

We are a local club with a passion for rowing, run entirely by volunteers. Over 86% of our juniors come from local state schools and we are proud of what we are able to achieve as a club. We are friendly, welcoming and inclusive and promote rowing in our community for all abilities and ambitions.

Location: Thames Lock, Jessamy Road, Weybridge, United Kingdom