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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Sefton Dogs is a group of volunteers working alongside Sefton Council to promote responsible dog ownership in the borough.

Sefton Dogs was founded in early 2017 in response to the proposed changes to the Dog Laws within Sefton under the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO). Restrictions were proposed which would have resulted in no opportunity for off lead walking on the local beaches, sand hills etc. The work of the group resulted in Sefton Council changing its most restrictive proposals and agreeing to work with us to promote friendly, informed and responsible dog ownership.

The work of the group has not ended now that the new PSPO is in place. On the contrary, we now works to raise awareness of the PSPO, and to promote the importance of responsible dog ownership, in order that all those in the local community can feel safe, and can fully enjoy the experience of being out and about in our beautiful borough. Sefton Dogs volunteers’ work to promote responsible dog ownership takes many forms, for example, exhibiting at local dog shows/events. At such events feedback from visitors is always very positive. Dog owners and non-dog owners alike are very responsive to the mission of Sefton Dogs.

We have applied to request £1,000 to set up and run a website for Sefton Dogs. It is aimed at helping both residents of Sefton, and visitors, by providing information which promotes responsible dog ownership. Although we currently have a facebook page, it does not allow us to communicate with the local community and tourists in the way we would like. A website would provide us with the best opportunity to spread the word about the importance of responsible dog ownership.

The website will provide information such as where dogs are allowed off the lead, where dogs must be on a lead and where dogs are prohibited. There would also be information about dog-friendly establishments in the area such as cafes, pubs and hotels. The website would include the code that we are asking all dog owners to take note of, that being:
“Bag it” and take it with you until you can “bin it”.
Follow any instructions on any signs relating to dogs.
Keeping a dog in sight; there are dog thieves about!
Respect others and be mindful that some people are scared of dogs.
Preventing a dog from chasing other animals and to be aware of birdlife.
It would also include clear information for professional dog walkers regarding ensuring they walk a maximum of six dogs per person, as recommended by Sefton Council.

The funding we are bidding for would pay for registration of the domain name, web hosting charges and website creation. It is our goal to have the website up and running as soon as we receive funding, and certainly well ahead of December 2018. Other local areas have created similar websites and ‘Sefton Dogs’ hope to emulate the community success of ‘Dorset Dogs’

According to the most recent statistics there are nearly 275,000 residents in Sefton and visitors to the area of 7,960,000/a - generating tourism to the value of £498m/a. We believe that the work we are doing will benefit all of these people and will serve to enhance the experience of living in and visiting Sefton for everyone.

We are asking people to vote for our project because responsible dog ownership will benefit the community as a whole. Everyone wants to live in or visit a community where responsible dog ownership ensures that non-dog owners, and those who may be frightened of dogs, never feel threatened or alienated in any way; a community where dog owners take responsibility for clearing up after their dogs; a community where everyone understands the importance of, and abides by the regulations regarding where dogs can and can’t be walked.

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Sefton Dogs

Sefton is an area of great beauty, where dogs can exercise off lead to get the aerobic activity they need. It’s vital we promote the importance of responsible dog ownership. By doing so, dog owners and non-dog owners, locals and visitors can all continue to make the most of beautiful Sefton.

Location: Southport