Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Crockerne Primary is a Church of England School with 350 pupils. Over the past few months, some very committed parents and grandparents have spent a great deal of time clearing, digging, painting and planting (among other things) to help transform an unused outdoor space into a senses garden and outdoor classroom. We would like the children to benefit from spending more time outdoors, relieve some of the pressures within a classroom environment and encourage learning from and within their natural surroundings. The aim is for the garden to stimulate the senses with colour, scent and sound, with a water feature and rockery herb garden being a central feature. Creating a tranquil space to attract wildlife, insects and birds, we hope that this in turn will encourage and open up topics for learning about the natural world: Life cycles, seasons and growth, flowering plants and pollination, how to grow your own fruit and vegetables. We also hope to introduce the children to bee keeping and produce some school honey.

There is clear evidence to show there are wide ranging benefits of a school garden. Not only an understanding of the natural environment but research suggests that pupils are enriched by growing food, nurturing their own plants and flowers, increasing wellbeing and adding value to everyday experiences in the classroom. As well as the area being a vibrant and productive garden, children will be able to comfortably sit under two large sun shade awnings to allow for a whole class to be taking a lesson outside, be it maths, geography, art or creative writing. School playgrounds can be noisy and chaotic and not all children are at ease in this environment. We hope the garden will provide a peaceful haven during break times, perhaps to take a good book or checking on their baby tomatoes in the greenhouse!

At the end of the summer term during ‘Wild Week’ every child in the school was asked to paint a wildlife theme on a pebble, these pebbles will be used to decorate and create interesting art trails in the area. It is important that the children care for and take responsibility for the garden and by giving them the tools and knowledge to grow and produce their own, we hope it will become an exciting and stimulating place to spend time and expand their learning experience.

Areas and equipment required:

Greenhouse for growing seeds, small fruit trees, tomatoes, tender vegetables.
Large planters or raised beds for children to grow their own veg, flowers, plants.
Benches and seating.
Childrens garden trowels, forks, gloves and overalls.
Storage shed.
Weather proof chalk board.
Outdoor sink to wash hands.
Slate to cover areas of plant beds for preventing weed growth and keeping it low maintenance.
Wind chimes & wind instruments.
Watering cans.
Kneeling pads.

We have been very lucky with the generous donation of some plants to the garden and although we have a great team of parents and helpers who do a variety of fundraising events to help supply essential equipment for the school, we are struggling to find the budget to complete this project and would love the garden and all its features to be ready for use in Early Spring 2018.

Friends of Crockerne Primary School

There’s real enthusiasm and commitment from the school staff and governors to provide our children with stimulating, real-world learning but the school has limited resources so it’s fantastic to be able to create an enriching outdoor space that will benefit every Crockerne child for years to come.

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