Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Crawley Parkour CIC is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), that was
established as a community organisation in April 2015. It promotes, practises and delivers safe Parkour provision in Crawley.
We actively promote Parkour as a positive past time, providing accessible
and safe tuition, help develop a positive and friendly Parkour community in Crawley which
practises safely, and build relationships with other Parkour groups/ communities, whilst fundraising to support the development of safe Parkour.
We deliver weekly sessions for 90 participants aged 3-60+ years, catering for beginners,
intermediates and adults. We also provide sessions at local primary schools. The thing most important to us, is the positive, early intervention with people, to teach them about the true ethos and safety of parkour, along with how it can be used to improve levels of fitness, self-discipline, mental health and confidence/self-esteem. We also aim to educate the local community as a whole, to reduce misconceptions of Parkour as an antisocial activity involving trespassing and escaping from authority figures. We instead pro-actively champion Parkour as a non-competitive, alternative sport that engages with those that might not be interested in mainstream team sports.
Crawley Parkour has responded to increasing demand by accessing the Council's
outdoor training area in summer, and the indoor gymnastics hall at K2 Crawley in
winter months. However, because demand is now so high, and the gymnastics club
can no longer offer us enough space, we need our own venue, particularly as we're unable to offer all our outdoor sessions, due to bad weather. We will then be able to run a full-time operation all year (we will also offer functional fitness and Obstacle Course Racing facilities to help reach a wider market).
We have secured a warehouse with existing funds, but this funding will help us purchase some specialist equipment for the operation. The warehouse-based operation will be based in Ifield, Crawley. We will offer pre-school,beginner,intermediate, 14 years+, adults, female only,
disability, school/youth club/scout sessions, birthday parties. We will also host accredited Parkour UK leadership and coaching courses, to facilitate sustainability of safe delivery of Parkour in and around Crawley.
By providing a larger range of alternative, supervised physical activity, this will help to combat levels of anti-social behaviour. It will also help to address Crawley's alarming childhood obesity levels, which in 2014, had the highest level of overweight or obese children in final year of Primary School, in West Sussex (34.4% - source National Child Measurement Programme).
We will help improve mental wellbeing amongst participants. With 1 in 4 people likely to be affected by mental health at some time in their life, this is a huge area to address and provide positive, non-competitive activity - the great thing about Parkour is that there are no losers, so there is no negative mindset involved, only success and progression.
We intend to help the older generation too - via 2pk (dance/movement focused) and adapted sessions to help people improve levels of fitness, strength and balance, so reducing the chance of trips and falls amongst the older generation.
We will be inclusive - Parkour is for ALL abilities, so this project will increase engagement with
those that have mild learning difficulties and behavioural issues such as aspergers
and ADHD. We will engage with Ethnic Minorities - Crawley has a very high percentage of BME residents, along with being the adopted home for the Mauritians. We will develop links with the respective community leaders, via our existing contacts, to use Parkour as an engagement tool to break down traditional community barriers.
All this will enable engagement with an anticipated 200 people per week - doubling our current levels and therefore our level of impact on health and wellbeing.

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Crawley Parkour CIC

We engage with ALL abilities and backgrounds, making major impact on the local community due to our amazing team of skilled, passionate and dedicated coaches, proven by winning a Sussex Sports Award (2014) and shortlisted for UK Active Flame Award in 2015, both for positive impact on people's lives

Location: 40 Linchmere Place, Crawley, United Kingdom