Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Our project is aimed at supporting pupils in becoming independent and creative learners through the use of smart and reactive technology.  We are seeking to install learning stations where pupils can access IT programmes on made-to-measure I-rise computer desks.
At Crockenhill we aim to develop the values of independence, perseverance and creativity from the time pupils start school.  We recognise that technology plays a significant role in young people's lives and we want to embrace these modern times and prepare pupils for the future.  
Older pupils in the school are fortunate to access their own set of I-rises (computers built into desks, creating both a work space and computer desk).  These are integral to a central learning hub space in key stage 2, although not accessible in location or height for our Key Stage 1 pupils.  
We had originally planned and budgeted for the purchase and installation of a new set of KS1 I-rises in this academic year, with some match funding by our dedicated Parents' Association.  However, despite careful budgeting and in school fund raising events, we are no longer able to fund this project without some additional support.  We have had a quote of £6,000 for the new I-rise learning stations and the Parents' Association are working hard to raise £3,000 towards the project. 

Crockenhill Primary would like to request a grant for £1000 to help us bring this project to fruition and be able to watch our pupils grow into creative and independent learners.  If we are successful in raising the required funds, then we are ready to go with the purchase and installation of the I-rises for our youngest pupils.

We have high expectations for what our children can achieve and we pride ourselves on the caring and supportive ethos we seek to develop at our school.   Our pupils come to us from varied backgrounds and from families who are willing to work in partnership with us for the benefit of their children.  We are consistently oversubscribed and continuously strive to support all pupils, especially those who are living with a disadvantage, special educational or health needs and those with speech, language and communication needs. 

This project will have a lasting impact on the children at the start of their primary school phase. All children, including those with complex barriers to learning, will benefit from accessing a stimulating and creative curriculum through the use of modern technology and an independent learning space. 

In updating our ICT resources, we will be complementing our rich indoor learning environment within which we encourage the children’s enjoyment of learning and their desire to investigate and question. We are passionate about learning and want all of our pupils to achieve their personal best, right from the start of their education at Crockenhill Primary School. 

Thank you for considering our application and we welcome any questions you might have regarding our bid. 

Crockenhill School Parents' Association

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Location: Swanley