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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Please could you help Action for Asperger’s transform the lives of children living in the East Midlands.

We are a small charity that provides an autism-specialist counselling service for lives that have become adversely affected by the experience of autism and Asperger syndrome. Over the last year we have directly supported over 1600 individuals and their families, and demand for our service continues to grow.

Our client group struggle to express themselves, experiencing social isolation through their weak communication skills. Without our services, many would remain confined to their bedrooms unable to cope with the stresses of modern life. It is through our dedicated counselling service that these children can begin to understand their own special needs, and learn strategies to cope. The use of technology provides an amazing opportunity to help children express themselves through computer games. These appeal to the Asperger’s child love of detail, and they become deeply involved in the knowledge of these games. This provides a platform through which they can start to make social interactions.

We really need to obtain funding to enable us to set up a Computer Games Club which will offer up to 8 children at a time the opportunity to expand their social skills through these games. The club will be located at our existing Corby counselling offices, and with 4 computers, the children can play in pairs, using the shared experiences of the games to form social bonds.

We are asking for a grant of £1000 which will go a long way to establishing this Club and providing multiple groups of children the opportunity to benefit from the scheme over the coming years.

We receive no state funding from Government or NHS, and survive through our own fundraising efforts and the contributions that clients make to cover the cost of their counselling sessions.

Please can you help by supporting our charity with your votes.
Thank you.

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Action for Asperger's

AfA is an amazing example of what can be achieved when volunteers commit their effort to a cause. The benefit to children with Asperger’s through dedicated counselling is outstanding. Allowing these children to express themselves through technology is a real opportunity to make a difference.

Location: Corby