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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Family Trust is a charity with 40 years of experience in working with schools and disadvantaged children and young people in the mid-north Kent area. Our existing CAST mentoring programme has already proved a remarkable success and we are now seeking to expand it by a further 12 new mentors.

The CAST Mentoring Programme has run in Secondary schools for the past seven years and uses mentors who are trusted persons who are willing to guide and enable young persons (inclusive of all beliefs/no beliefs and backgrounds) to grow into their full potential. A mentor is someone who is mature, trusted and respected in their local community and is a relationship focussed person, who is friendly, professional, caring and a good role model. They will have the ability to come alongside young people who have various challenges and will seek to encourage, support and listen to them. The mentor will share experiences and help the student to find solutions to issues and problems. The charity has a fully comprehensive Child/Young Persons’ Protection Policy and all mentors undergo an enhanced DBS check and provide references.

The CAST Mentoring Programme is innovative with features including;
• Young people feel comfortable and open with our ‘independent’ mentors.
• Some mentoring programmes have a fixed period of time that a mentee can be mentored. We have no time limit and mentor/mentee sessions will continue as long as needed.
• We value a relationship centred approach above targets or statistics.
• We have outstanding relationships with the schools who participate in the programme and so we are ideally placed to work with those students who will most benefit from mentoring.
• Mentors are volunteers specially selected by a thorough recruitment process, including, personal referral from within the local community. We have 250 volunteers and some of them are now mentors and they provide outstanding skills, experience and a passion to make a difference to the lives of young people.
• Mentors receive the very best training and support (both external and internal) and they have the most up to date resources to help them. The staff member who oversees the mentoring programme maintains close contact with mentors and conducts regular get-together sessions across the year.
• We encourage mentors to make use of a strong network of external support.
• We provide highly professional and quality administrative support to both schools and mentors.

A Member of School Staff Comments…
‘The Family Trust/CAST is making a significant contribution in mentoring our students and is forming an integral part of the ethos we are trying to develop as a new Academy. I would like to say a huge thanks to them for the difference they are making to the young people they mentor here’.
Chaplain at St Augustine Academy, Maidstone

A Student Comments…
One student was referred for mentoring as they were struggling at school with their anger. They were regularly sent out of lessons for being disruptive and arguing with the teachers. Their home life was very complicated and unstable. At one mentoring session, the student wrote:
‘I am now more gentle with others and I have grown in confidence and feel more comfortable with myself. I don’t get angry anywhere near as much as I used to. I am actually enjoying my lessons and my relationships. Things are really great at the moment.’

The Family Trust/CAST expanded mentoring programme will run from March 2018 and will cost the following:
2 training courses @ £220 per course (outsourced) = £440
12 training sessions @£50 per session (internal staff) = £600
12 support sessions @ £60 per session (outsourced) = £720
12 support sessions @ £20 per session (internal staff) = £240
Travel expenses to set up meetings @ 45p per mile = £200
Administration - 95 hours @ £9 per hour = £855
Postage, printing, stationery = £200
Communications = £100
Total = £3,355

The Family Trust

I work for an amazing charity that is changing the lives of children and young people for the good. We have outstanding and caring trustees, staff, associates and volunteers. Our mentoring programme is making a significant impact on young people and we want it to help even more of them.

Location: Maidstone