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Funding level: Up to £1,000


St Gregory's School Ealing PTA is seeking funding to purchase a range of resources to aid its SENCO staff. This includes specialist visual aids, clay, bean bags and pegs - to name but a few to help inspire and encourage pupil learning.

Special Educational Needs Coordinator staff play a vital role in schools around the UK. The services that they provide ensure that the requirements of children with Special Educational Needs are met within the setting of mainstream schools and classrooms. Providing appropriate and focused resources, assistance and interventions to reflect varying educational needs benefits students in a range of ways and creates a learning environment in which all children can flourish. Furthermore, SENCO staff work in tandem with classroom teachers, providing them with essential support in order to maintain consistently excellent standards of education for every child.

St Gregory's Primary school are very fortunate to have a fantastic, highly committed SENCO team. As with many primary schools in London, St Gregory's is responsible for the education of a considerable number of children, this, of course, puts increasingly huge financial pressure on the school, especially in terms of finding funding for the many resources that go beyond budget. SENCO staff can utilise a number of resources to help support a variety of learning needs. For example, materials for sensory activities which develop both fine and gross motor-skills as well as strength and coordination, which is very helpful for students with writing difficulties.

The St Gregory's PTA would like to ensure that our SENCO staff can access as wide a range of resources and facilities as possible in order to continue to deliver high quality support to pupils and teachers. We frequently fundraise for various resources and contributions to benefit children at St Gregory's, for instance, we recently assisted in funding an upgrade of the reading scheme for the entire school.

We would be very grateful for any financial assistance towards equipping our SENCO Intervention room with the resources needed to ensure that all students at St Gregory's thrive and reach their full potential.

St Gregory's RC Parent Teacher Association

St Gregory’s School Ealing Parent Teacher Association works with enthusiasm and great generosity raising funds throughout the year to support and enable numerous learning projects, of which this is one. St Gregory's prides itself in providing students the highest levels of opportunity and education.

Location: London