Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We would like to run an 8 session course on Communicating with Confidence and Compassion starting in February 2018. Our clients with dyslexia and other learning differences tell us about their difficulties communicating with family members, friends, employers and teachers or trainers. In everyday situations, they fear being misunderstood and misunderstanding. Jobs are lost, relationships founder and mental health, self-esteem and confidence deteriorate. To help solve these basic communication problems, a different approach is needed for those with learning differences. The aim of this course is to enable those attending to communicate effectively, allowing the individual to achieve their goals while considering others. Our clients are often on low incomes, unemployed, have poor literacy skills, low expectations of themselves and, therefore, significant barriers to achieving in life. The Adult Dyslexia Centre (ADC) is committed to offering affordable and free services to adults with dyslexia, and related learning differences, who may also experience anxiety and low self-esteem. A grant from Aviva would enable us to offer 5 free places on the Communications course and to run the course without significant drain on our charitable resources. Benefits to the client and the community would include: confidence to move forward in work and study; improved relationships within a work and home environment – being able to have your voice heard in an assertive but positive way; improved personal relationships creating a feeling of security and self-worth; reduced risk of escalating mental health problems.

Adult Dyslexia Centre

ADC is rare in offering free services to adults with dyslexia who could not otherwise afford them. Our project develops life changing skills which benefit the client and community as a whole. Many volunteers work with us to achieve our goal of a dyslexia friendly world.

Location: Maidenhead