Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The 1st Colchester Scouts have been in operation for well over 100 years. In 1985 they moved from their old premises to a new site. This site at the time was a modern building and adequate for the needs. Currently there are Beaver/Cubs/scouts and Explorer groups running four nights a week covering ages from 6 - 18. Over the years the site has been well used but sadly costs for repairs and updating have also risen. We have tried to keep up with the basic repairs but the hall really now needs a good revamp. We would like to make it a modern building again. It would be good to have the ability for the groups to use it for weekends away to learn camping skills, cooking skills etc but currently there are concerns about fire safety and security. They would love to be able to use the hall for fundraising events and family get togethers to show everyone what they have done during the evenings. We would also love to be able to rent the hall out - for a minimal charge - to the community. As its in the town centre we feel that organisations other charities, and the like, could benefit from what the site could offer. There are some things that need doing fairly quickly. The boiler needs replacing, the toilets need refurbishing as does the kitchen. The main hall and entrance hall could do with decorating. There would be so much scope for the building if it was in better condition. The prospect of being able to do so much more for the scouts and the youngsters who we hope to encourage in in the future would be amazing. And to be able to open up the venue to the community of Colchester would enable us to give something back. This would give 1st Colchester Scouts the opportunity to continue for another 100 years and to continue to bring together, educate and ensure children learn and have fun in a safe environment.

1st Colchester Scouts

Moment of Pride

My two young sons have been a part of 1st Colchester Scouts for over 15 years. They are both now leaders within the group. There great grandfather was also a scout with the 1st Colchester scouts. I want the troop to thrive so that in years to come my grandchildren can enjoy what my children have.

Location: Colchester