Sport in the community

Funding level: Up to £1,000


This is a newly formed Junior Football team in Sheffield, bringing together a group of boys from diverse backgrounds across the city & forming them as a team, my 8 year old son William, being one of them. (Also, being an Aviva employee, they are based near our Sheffield office, on Ecclesall road, making them "our" community team)
In a relatively short space of time, the boys have formed a team who are enjoying themselves, becoming keen competitors & developing physically & mentally as they go.
Being a new team, they need financial support with equipment & facilities. Raffles, tuck shops etc. are already happening but more could be done. The money would be used for new team equipment, (bibs, cones & footballs) to waterproof training jackets to paying the referees on match day. The funding would also be used for purchasing additional equipment so that we can self sustain. E.G; gazebo & camping equipment so we can cook and sell hot food on match days, increasing revenue for the team.
As a dad being involved in something like this for the 1st time, I have enjoyed immensely how William has developed. Being shy, I was concerned that he might struggle to be involved but already he has gained confidence, made new friends & enjoyed every second so far. The fact that he is improving his football skills is purely an additional bonus.
The club has 2 coaches, Paul Martin & Paul Outram, who give up their spare time to coach & develop these young boys & it is clear to see, even though the team formed over the summer, how the group have gelled together. They play with a smile on their faces, endorse good sportsmanship (shaking hands before kick-off, helping an opposing player up if injured, respecting the referee) & its clear to see how much they all enjoy it, win, lose or draw. The parents do their part also, chipping in with running the match day activities, to supporting training, as well as running the players about to different venues, creating a strong community feel to the group.
Here is a selection of testimonials from some of the parents:
Lee (Judd's Dad):
"My son Judd has recently joined Ecclesall Rangers Reds & already there have been noticeable differences in his confidence. He has become more outgoing with his peers but also a lot more confident around other parents & adults. He is now more likely to try & engage in a conversation, rather than just yes no answers, which for us as parents is amazing to see. The way the coaches speak to Judd and the other kids has been a massive factor in this happening as they engage them on their level and not speak down to them. On the pitch Judd is becoming more involved in the game & I also believe this has come about due to encouragement from the coaches & the other players as they are showing a real team spirit. In my opinion Judd will only keep growing as a player & a young man with this team."
Jonathan, (Zach's dad):
"Being part of a football team has helped Zach in his health, fitness & well-being. There are countless other benefits from working together as a team, such as enabling him to develop friendships with young people outside of his community. Having responsibilities within the football team has also improved his resilience, commitment & discipline. Getting involved in this team & involved in sport at this level in general will give Zach a strong foundation to progress in life. As all of the above benefits mentioned will enable him to develop transferable skills that will support his successful transition throughout his life."
Erika (Ruben's Mum)
"The team links strongly with the community, driving the boys' awareness of diversity & equality & they learn how to support each other, fantastic skills for the rest of their life."

Ecclesall Rangers Red Under 9's FC

Location: Sheffield

The team encourages fantastic values for children: working together, making friends, personal development, physical activity & fair play. Collectively, they are shaping into fantastic young adults who have fun together, care for each other & enjoy spending time together. That is a community to me.
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