Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Taking inspiration from various ‘Operation Shoe Box’ initiatives, it struck me that shoe boxes are quite tricky to carry around with you if you’re homeless, so last year I decided to try something different. I founded 'Operation Drawstring' - Remember those drawstring bags you had as a child for P.E.? Instead of a
shoe box, we fill one of those bags with small essential items. Then myself and team of volunteers distribute the bags to those on the streets. The bags can be reused after the initial items run out (I run a homeless feed with local cafes/restaurant/supermarket donations every Wednesday throughout the year), and are easy for people to carry with them. If you’ve ever volunteered at a shelter, you’ll know people are always asking for bags. So not only does it give those on the street a little bag of cheer during the festive period but it gives them something to help make their lives a little easier. Last year we filled over 250 bags collecting donations from across Birmingham, this year we'd like to make 500. I mainly collected and distributed the bags myself with a small team of volunteers. The funding would really help with storage as hiring a unit was very costly, and general costs such a petrol, marketing activities and extra items/bag purchase.

Operation Drawstring

Moment of Pride

I am extremely passionate about my local community, and the spiking number of homeless people in our city is a cause for concern. I spend a lot of my spare time assisting them in their struggles and this project really helps cheer them up during an otherwise stressful time.

Location: Birmingham