Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Fife has large pockets of multiple deprivation and in these areas there can be a tangible feel of hopelessness. Levenmouth is one such area; however this funding will make a positive difference in the community.

Statistically, Levenmouth families are more likely to live in poverty, with a high number of households receiving tax credits and children are less likely to succeed in school compared to other areas in Fife (KNOWFIFE Data Set). Added to this the 2016 census shows us that people in the Levenmouth area are less likely to have good health, more likely to live in fuel poverty, have less chance to secure employment and are income deprived.

Our experience of working in this area informs us that the families we work with often suffer poor mental health as well as relationship and financial problems all of which affects their parenting behaviours, which in turn affects their children’s behaviours. This marginalised community has a negative impact upon children’s health, cognitive, social, emotional behaviour and educational outcomes, as children from very early on learn their place in their community by observing how their parents are not being listened to, and how they are treated, in other words they learn disadvantage.

Fife Gingerbread is rooted in the Levenmouth community and has been for almost 30 years, therefore the organisation and workers are known and trusted. The project, The Gateway Village, will build on the four years previous work in this area that has used an early intervention and asset based approach that works with marginalised families to “do it for themselves”. The project will work with partners in education, health, community and other third sector organisations to develop a sense of place, a location with active citizens who recognise their worth and their ability to support their community and make it a positive and safe place to bring up children.

We look to the Aviva Community Fund for funding for this project to support disadvantaged and marginalised families who live in the Levenmouth area. The Gateway Village Project will support such families to participate and develop a sense of pride in their community and to have connections with organisations and agencies that can work with families to overcome barriers to inclusion and participation. The fact that the project will be continuing on from previous work means that it can hit the ground running and support families immediately.

To do this a Family Learning Coordinator will be employed who will encourage parents to participate in their children’s lives, to become volunteers and parent helpers and to build a pride in their “place”. Families will be encouraged to play together, learn together and care about their community together. Parents will have the opportunity to volunteer to support community activity for families; to generate ideas and possible activities and to use their skills and abilities. This will build upon the development of a Family Fun Club, in partnership with local schools, and the Food Time Fun Time in the community. Both of these activities depend upon parents becoming volunteers, trained and delivering the initiatives with a tapering degree of support from the paid worker. The Family Fun Club will increase time, opportunities and space for children to spend time with their parents away from the demands and restrictions of home life, increasing the opportunities to create positive memories and improved relationships.

From this we expect:
Outcome 1 Parents will report improved confidence over a range of indicators and clear control over their life choices.

Outcome 2 Children will demonstrate improved relationships at home and an enhanced community and school experiences.

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Fife Gingerbread

Moment of Pride

Making a positive difference in the community. Our can do attitude and approach. The collective knowledge and shared experiences of families and workers. The welcome and friendly approach to getting the job done. The excellent reputation of the organisation with other services and families alike.

Location: Levenmouth, Fife