Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


This is a project about community participation and community celebration.

We have now held three Festival parades in 2014,2015 and 2016 gaining valuable experience and building community engagement.

These parades drew the interest and participation of our local communities and increased visitor numbers and footfall along Hoylake’s main business thoroughfare, Market Street / Birkenhead Road. We have received much positive feedback from the community concerning these events.

This year we want the parade to focus on celebrating Hoylake old and new, building on the much greater community participation achieved in the Hoylake Carnival Parade in 2016, and harnessing that enthusiasm to create a Hoylake Festival Day and Carnival Parade from Hoylake Roundabout to Queens Park and everywhere in between.

1. Achieve wider active community involvement in the actual preparation of the parade and consequent ownership of the parade to create more excitement and more enjoyment ahead of the event.
2. Increase the number of members of the public coming out to enjoy and celebrate a Hoylake Festival Day from our local community and from increased visitor numbers from across the Wirral.
3. Showcase selected great Wirral based performers who depend on local patronage to keep developing and training the next generation of performers: eg. the Wirral Pipe Band, Wirral Samba Band, Wirral Schools Samba Band, China Spirit Lion Dancers and martial arts exponents
4. Promote and celebrate Hoylake old and new including its special contribution to sport (golf and sand yachting for example) its many effective and well established community associations and its history as a coastal community
5. Achieve as wide a range of participation in the parade as possible, having regard to age, gender, minority community and differently abled with children involved in creating festival banners and parading, disabled groups included and decorations created by some of our elder communities.

We believe that the Hoylake Festival Day and Carnival Parade and our efforts to fully engage the community will increase community cohesion and well-being, and have a positive impact on the people of Hoylake and surrounding areas.

Festival of Firsts

Location: Hoylake

Wirral Festival of Firsts founded in 2011, is an internationally minded, annual community arts festival with a difference! It strives to increase community participation in the arts and to celebrate local talent. It is run entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers.
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