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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The Giraffe Community Kitchen is a new and innovative partnership between two third sector organisations in Perth - CheckIn Works/Giraffe(CIG) and CATH.
CATH is a local charity which supports, encourages and promotes the development and delivery of projects to relieve homelessness and poor housing, improve the conditions of life and generally aid the development of persons who are homeless in the Perth & Kinross Council area. The organisation recognises the associated problems that homelessness presents and works to alleviate those and help maintain and improve the quality of life of our beneficiaries. They help significant numbers of people each year to overcome homelessness issues through projects which include a drop-in day centre, a homeless hostel, outreach work, befriending, literacy and shop.
CheckIn Works/Giraffe operates across Perth & Kinross to support the most socially and economically alienated local people to make the journey towards being included in our local community. Our aim is to help people with severe and complex barriers, such as learning disabilities, autism and mental ill health, to make the transition into meaningful work. We achieve this by providing relevant supported work experience, vocational skills and personal development. Crucially, we focus on often overlooked aspects, such as confidence building, which enable our clients to move their careers and lives forward and being an active and included part in our local communities.
To achieve better employability, social inclusion and equality for our clients, CheckIn Works uses a unique approach by operating its own social enterprise, Giraffe Trading Community Interest Company. Giraffe provides training and supported work experience in two cafes and a training kitchen. We also provide quality of life support and horticultural training at our Ladeside and Springlands sites. CheckIn Works provides a range of work and person-centred support to enhance the success and sustainability of our client outcomes. These include volunteer buddy support, transitional support, social and wellbeing activities, supported training and weekly job clubs.
The Giraffe Community Kitchen will combine the work, outcomes and benefits of these two Perth-based organisations as well as well as harnessing CIG’s fantastic reputation in the hospitality sector in Perth – it would represent growth of our organisation and move our enterprising activity towards being more sustainable in the long term. In essence, CIG has been asked to provide catering for the CATH homeless day centre, the homeless hostel and newly homed residents – we will therefore be able to provide value for money and healthy meals to CATH’s beneficiaries as well as realising our own outcomes by offering supported work placements, employment opportunities and training. The added bonus is that we will then be able to continue our enterprising activity – we currently provide healthy pre-made meals to local residents, cater for a number of elderly lunch clubs and provide outside catering for a number of businesses (including Aviva, SSE and Persimmon Homes amongst others).
We are requesting funding to support us into this next phase of our development in the form of wages for staff, kitchen equipment and alterations to our van for the carrying of foodstuffs.
Over a year with this funding, we would be able to support/provide/enable roughly:-
-2500 three course meals to the homeless population in Perth for CATH
-2000 pre-prepared meals to residents of CATH’s homeless hostel
-1000+ training and development hours for our young people
-300 social lunch club meals to elderly people
-5 new employment opportunities in the Giraffe Community Kitchen
People should vote for our project because we are able to help an enormous range of people, from a range of different backgrounds and with a host of different barriers in the best way possible – through the medium of a good, tasty hot meal!

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Checkin Works / Giraffe Trading

Moment of Pride

The fact that with a small amount of funding, we are able to help, nuture and support such a range of people. From reducing isolation in the elderly, cooking healthy meals for the homeless and supporting those with autism or learning disabilities to join the world of work - this project has it!

Location: Perth