Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The purpose of this project is to substantiate a public art presence in the town of Lyme Regis by building on the foundations of the Lyme Regis ArtsFest Sculpture Trails of the past two years.

ArtsFest has been run as an annual art festival in Lyme Regis for 14 consecutive years to attract visitors to the town at the start of the shoulder season. It supports the local economy through generating cultural tourism and it provides encouragement and challenges for our local artists. It also provides a positive benefit to local residents.

During the past two years, ArtsFest has included an extensive sculpture trail which was deployed over the summer months, advertising the ArtsFest climax events, drawing participating artists from much further afield, and proving to be a popular new element in its own right.

A CONTINUOUS PUBLIC ART PRESENCE in Lyme Regis will build on the experience gained in two years of temporary sculpture trails and will expand the reach of the ArtsFest promise that for art-lovers, Lyme Regis is definitely worth an out-of-season visit, throughout the low season – not just when the ArtsFest gallery shows are on.

We can draw on the experience of the past two years of sculpture trails, but a new process will need to be developed to move forward with a steadily replenished stock of public art.

1. We wish to maintain momentum by hiring twelve of the most worthy and robust sculptures that remain from the 2016 trail, for a twelve months. The proposed annual hire rates for these twelve amasses to a total cost of £9,705.

2. We wish to inject further excitement for the community by commissioning a bronze replica of one of the most popular sculptures which proved not-robust-enough as a resin cast work. To produce and purchase a bronze cast of ‘Hareman’ by Clare Trenchard would cost £13,800.

3. We wish to move on to establish a commissioning programme for new work and this third element is NOT yet well-defined. We will need time to develop the basis for this, and a budgetary allowance of £1,200 would be a modest starting point.


Lymeforward is a Community Interest Company covering Lyme Regis, Uplyme and Charmouth. A voluntary curator will work with Lymeforward, and any appropriate local organisations to develop the project.


Using the 2016 ArtsFest Sculpture Trail as a reference point, sculptures have occupied land owned by the Town Mill Trust, by Lyme Regis Town Council, by West Dorset District Council, and by a small number of private land-owners where sites were accessible to the public. In each case, the land-owner's permission was obtained but the sculptures remained the property of the artists, placed out in the open exposed to the elements and the public, at the artists' risk. This would be replaced by a process based on hiring a significant number of sculptures for extended display, and by exception by purchasing a small number for permanent deployment. Over time, new work would be commissioned to replace the old.


‘Isla Chaney's Sample Pillars were very evocative of the instability/geology of Lyme’ / Robin / 55-64 / Lyme Resident

‘Pete Hacketts Obsession made me laugh - so one of my favorites’ / No name given / 55-64 / > 10 miles

‘Clare Trenchard's Hareman is wonderfully energetic ‘ / Robin / 55-64 / Lyme Resident

‘Greta Berlin's Lost Identity tore at the heartstrings ‘ / Janet / 65-74 / Lyme Resident

‘A good experience for those of us that live in town and the visitors. Good stories and the videos are very good.’ / Name not left / 55-64 / Lyme Resident

‘The sculptures add an extra dimension..........and are a good way of keeping children walking!’ / Janet / 65-74 / Lyme Resident

‘…many would probably never go into an art gallery to see a piece of sculpture but coming across them as they move around the town raises awareness of the place art has in the world.’ / Christine / 55-64 / Lyme Regis

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Lymeforward - a Community Interest Company No 10381732

Moment of Pride

The diversity of the sculptures deployed in 2016.

The innovation of a continuously changing public art presence in a town that two years ago had nearly none.

The depth of public support expressed.

The breadth of local business support received.

The amount of publicity gained.

Location: Lyme Regis