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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The Portal Seniors' Film Club is a weekly activity run by Plantation Productions (a community Arts & Media charity based in Govan, Glasgow). The organisation has been working with our elder community for almost a decade now, employing industry professionals to introduce film and media skills to participants aged from 50 to 95.

Over the years, by tapping into the interests, experience and local knowledge of its members, the club has produced a great variety of films, ranging from comedy sketch shows and music videos to in-depth social histories. The film "Fairfields: Past & Present", for example, now features as an installation in the Fairfields Shipyard Heritage Centre in Govan and is seen by thousands of visitors every year. "The Govan Banners" film tells the story of Glaswegians fighting in the Spanish Civil War, and is used by historians and academics as a teaching resource, as well as touring festivals and events.

Other successful projects include "Govan to GOMA" where the Seniors created works of art which were exhibited at Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art, a Radio Drama based on "12 Angry Men" and the full production of a 'Happiness Calendar'.

We would like to apply for funding to support the running of the Seniors Film Club for another year, allowing them to develop their project ideas and reach into the wider community. One idea that they would love to develop is learning how to use new technology - such as I-pads - to tell their personal and family stories through old photographs, mementos and artefacts. Another suggestion was to make an educational film about the Govan Old Parish Church, which is home to medieval "Hogback Stones", dating back to the 10th century.

The group have no shortage of inspiration, energy and enthusiasm, and a warm welcome is extended to all who enter. Over the year we envisage that we would be able to work directly with 25 - 30 people, with a much wider benefit to the many family members, local community and worldwide viewers, through the digital film legacies that we will create.

We think people should vote for this project because it is a unique and inspirational example of how creativity and ageing can, and should, go hand in hand. We'd all like to think that when we grow older we will have the opportunity to engage in stimulating, lifelong learning - and be able to share our extensive experience and knowledge with the younger generations for years to come.

From a wellbeing perspective, the group provides respite and social opportunities for people who might otherwise be experiencing loneliness and isolation through retirement, bereavement, or family circumstances. Many of our members are carers and they see the Film Club as a place where they can socialise, express their creativity, learn new things, chat with friends, have fun and just relax from any pressures they might be experiencing.

Were we to be successful, this funding would enable us to employ freelance professionals and support staff to help deliver the creative ideas put forward by the group. We would also like to pilot an outreach project (to local pensioners' groups/care homes) - based around the themes of personal legacies and artefacts - which would help older people and their younger relatives to use readily available apps and digital resources to create their own family histories.

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Plantation Productions

Moment of Pride

I’ve been an admirer of The Govan Seniors Film Club for the past 7 years.
This inspirational group have written, acted, directed and filmed their own social history films, dramas and comedy shows, and I’ve been honoured to attend their film screenings and watch them grow in skills and confidence.

Location: Glasgow