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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Local development charity, One Community, is working with local primary schools to enhance Grantham Green, a local recreation ground which is undergoing a community engagement project. Young children will be working with a local landscaper to help design, create and build a rock feature on the revamped play area and this is The Rocky Road Project.

Grantham Green is currently a large, flat, and featureless area. A recent community consultation highlighted that local residents found it to be dull and uninspiring, and had nothing to inspire them to play and therefore they rarely used it. Local residents indicated that trees, shrubs and grass mounds would offer them a changed environment and a happier place for families to play and enjoy each other’s company.

The Rocky Road Project will have a hugely positive impact on the local community as it will create a fun recreation area where families can have play together whilst enjoying fresh air in a stimulating, leafy open space. It is hoped that the Rocky Road will encourage children and families to enjoy a healthier outdoor approach to play, in a local and safe environment.

One Community's role is to co-ordinate pupils, their teachers and families in a series of activities to make a new fun area from large boulders which will be put in place safely so that children can work with two young stone masons from Winchester Cathedral to "carve" footholds. The project will involve both local schools as well as their Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs), local families and residents, who together, will look after the Rocky Road for years to come.

Funding has been secured for mounds, paths and flowers on the Green and this work will go ahead in 2017. However, funding is required for The Rocky Road Project and this will be looked after by the children and PTAs in partnership with the Council for years to come. We kindly ask that you consider our application.

One Community Eastleigh

Moment of Pride

This initiative is a community project involving the local authority, residents and local children where they can really see a difference. The new rocky will change a boring flat piece of ground into an area children will want to play in, keeping to keep them active and able to say this is ours.

Location: Eastleigh