Supporting the older generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Windsor and District has a growing number of older men facing social isolation, loneliness, poor health and depression. Men’s Matters Windsor & District was set-up in September 2015, initiated by Radian Housing Association, to offer them support.

The group ran a weekly programme that included a cookery course focused on helping men prepare healthy and inexpensive meals, courses on drawing and painting as well as supporting older men gain competence with social media. We have a temporary arrangement with Radian Housing to use a room in one of their premises for Men’s Matters meetings.

However, to build on our early success we need to find our own permanent space and
expand the initiative to make a more significant difference to the health and well-being of older men’s lives in our community. We now have a small charity constitution, established a board of trustees and developed a project plan. We are now seeking financial support to implement this plan. There are three areas where Men’s Matters intend to implement activities:

Develop the skills, knowledge and competence of older men

Men’s Matters plan to run courses and programmes that develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of older men. The proposed programme was developed by surveying the men currently attending or interested in Men’s Matters. They include:

• Cooking courses that provide men with the confidence to prepare meals that are both healthy and economical.
• Men’s health & well-being courses that help older men live longer and healthier lives.
• Social media and digital skills to provide older men with the confidence to handle their day-to-day lives, communications and financial affairs on-line.
• Other activities that have generated interest include gardening, nature walks, photography and themed discussions.

Provide a space for men to deepen friendship and trust through social activity
The challenges men face in life include loneliness, compulsive competitiveness and lifelong emotional timidity. Through Men’s Matters we will support older men in addressing these tendencies, helping them lead happier lives. This in turn will also benefit families and the wider community.

In the ‘space’ we rent we will provide a safe, warm and supportive environment for older men to visit and socialise. We will provide light refreshments and resources (and eventually also provide a hot meal) initially opening during the day, twice or three times a week.

Mentoring young men

Older men have a tremendous wealth of skills and experience with great potential to support and mentor the next generation. However, there are very few occasions where young men have the opportunity to interact and meet with groups of older men.

Men’s Matters believe that it would greatly enhance the Windsor & District community if inter-generational meetings and events were set-up in strictly supervised and safe environments. A programme with schools and youth clubs will be initiated using professional facilitators who are DBS/CRB checked.

Meetings would focus on the challenges and opportunities of being a man in today’s society. This would provide a forum for older men to share their knowledge, skills and experience and in turn help younger men develop greater confidence in their own lives. We have Trustee members who have had experience leading activities of this kind.

We are passionate about delivering this innovative and exciting project and believe it could become a beacon for other communities across the UK. If you vote for Men’s Matters you can be confident that we will make a significant contribution to the lives of older men in our community of Windsor.

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Men's Matter Windsor & District

Moment of Pride

We’re helping older men learn how to support each other.
We’re helping to strengthen friendships between older men in our community.
We’re helping men to live more confidently.
We’re helping the next generation of men to grow up happier & wiser.

Location: Windsor & the surrounding area