Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


'Tea and Talk' is an informal conversational English class which aims to give Harrogate District residents whose first language is not English the opportunity to meet other members of the community in a friendly environment.

The project aims to foster greater community cohesion and improve the integration of migrant workers and refugees, while helping them build confidence in their communication skills and make new friendships.

Harrogate District will be welcoming several refugee families over the next few months and the first have already arrived.

Arriving in a new country as a refugee can be a lonely and daunting experience, particularly if you cannot speak the language. Meeting people in your local area and learning how to communicate effectively can make a real difference to the emotional well-being of a person with refugee status.

Likewise, life is not always easy for the district's migrant workers. Although work may provide some opportunity to speak English, it can be hard to find occasions to socialise with local residents and become more fluent.

'Tea and Talk' aims to address these needs and fill a gap by providing language learning opportunities for people of all ages.

The event will be held at least once a fortnight at a local community centre and will be staffed by volunteers. Funds are needed for room hire, refreshments, language learning resources and volunteer expenses.

Harrogate School of English

Moment of Pride

This project is unique to Harrogate. 'Tea and Talk' will benefit not just learners of English but anyone who wishes to meet new people from their local community. This venture addresses a real social need for migrant workers and refugees and is supported by an amazing team of willing volunteers.

Location: Harrogate