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Our son Cameron suffered in silence with depression for 7 years before he took his own life when he was in his final year at university, and we have set up a charity in his memory to help others in these circumstances. 10% of children and young people in the UK have a clinically diagnosable mental condition, and 20% of students consider themselves to have a mental health problem. One of our goals is to encourage all, and especially young people, to speak up and ask for help rather than to soldier on battling poor metal health on their own.

We produce and distribute Cameron’s Coasters, simple drink mats which carry the message “Don’t bottle it up …” on one side, with contact details for people who can help on the other. We have worked with universities & colleges to customise Cameron’s Coasters so that they carry the help details relevant to each place they are used (see this webpage for examples: We have placed over 120,000 in universities & colleges around the UK and now in one school, and in one workplace. Our Aviva Community Fund project is to extend the reach of Cameron’s Coasters to more universities & colleges, to schools & 6th form colleges, and to other communities. In our project, we will also work with these communities to design and produce other means of encouraging those that are suffering to speak up and ask for help. The first school we have worked with is keen to go beyond Coasters to bookmarks and to “credit cards”, the latter especially because of the perceived kudos amongst pupils of appearing to have a “credit card”. (We are just providing information: our cards will be plastic and “credit card” sized; there are no financial services on offer!)

The overall objectives of the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust are to preserve and protect good mental health, in particular in young people, by: 1) raising awareness of young suicide, 2) urging all who are suffering in silence to speak up and ask for help, 3) supporting all who are fighting to overcome poor mental health, especially young people, and especially where this can be done through outdoor activities like hill-walking and the Duke of Edinburgh's award, and 4) assisting in the provision of education and support that will help to increase awareness and knowledge of the issues around mental health and well-being for all and especially amongst young people.

If you know a community that might benefit from Cameron’s Coasters, please do get in touch on

Carol & Evan Grant

Cameron Grant Memorial Trust

Location: United Kingdom

Encouraging feedback makes us proud. One mental health advisor said “The mats are brilliant! As a result of putting them out over just one weekend I have seen a couple of, at the moment reluctant, male students. But they have come forward and the drink mats have done what they are supposed to do!"
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