Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The club was established in 2004 by Lisa Hesling a Great Britain Water Polo International. The club targeted deprivation areas around Rotherham to encourage participation in something different.
Rotherham at that time was high on the National Obesity category scale for young people within the Authority. Being a very active person and wanting to give something back into the aquatic world and encourage young people; South Yorkshire Swans was established.
At first the Synchro club was set up as a recreational event as at that time Lisa was trying to encourage girls and boys to participate in a different aquatic discipline. This was something that would provide enjoyment, team building, fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and raising individual’s self-esteem.
From then on the club moved from strength to strength.

In 2009 we were awarded the Rotherham Sports Award Runner up ‘Club of the Year’.
Now in 2016 due to the popularity we currently have 44 members from all areas of South Yorkshire. We train at Rotherham Leisure Complex every Wednesday evening 7pm -8pm land training which consists of choreography and flexibility sessions and then 8pm-9pm in the water where skill levels and routines are practiced. All the girls that attend are very committed and their confidence grows from week to week

We are the only club in South Yorkshire that offers this unique opportunity.

The support and coaching team members are all volunteers.

DC Leisure (Places for People) won the bid from RMBC to provide new dynamic pools for the Rotherham area. At that time there were 14 pools available. Since DC Leisure (Places for People) have taken oven as a service provider unfortunately there are only 4 pools across the whole of the Borough.

Over the years we have encouraged the girls to represent the club in Yorkshire and North East Region Championships. This has been an amazing learning curve for us all and we have improved so much over the years considering that as a club we are competing against others who access 6-10 hours pool training per week compared to our only 1 or 2 hours.

2016 has been incredible we have won the most competitions and every single young person within the club has come away with a medal. Young people coming from all different backgrounds with different learning abilities all competing as one and every single member of the team encourages and supports one another immensely.

Although we are the smallest club in South Yorkshire, our officials continue to drive the nurturing and embedding of basic skill practices with younger members.

We’re also incredibly proud of the legacy we’re creating.

Once members reach the necessary age the South Yorkshire Swans coaching team encourage and support them to develop further by part funding a Level 1 Coaching course, along with judging and assessing courses so that they can continue to be a part of the sport. Some members are also using their skills to support the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.
It’s because of this support that 4 members of the club, now at Universities across the UK, regularly support Skill Development Days within their area and continue to promote the positive messages learnt during their time with the South Yorkshire Swans.

It’s the clubs passion to promote wellness with all its members and training, alongside our recent successes, contributes to this. We want to build on these achievements, to push ourselves and continue to be a beacon for the youth of South Yorkshire. We always strive to show what dedicated, focused training in a nurturing environment can do for each individual.

We would use this funding to buy additional underwater video and sound equipment to support our training, although there are many other items required to drive our progression and every valuable penny would be used to continue to promote our positive messages and achieve our clubs purpose of promoting emotional and physical wellness

South Yorkshire Swans Synchronised Swimming Club

Creates enthusiasm and commitment in a child. A multitude of opportunities including building social skills for children as well as the natural health and fitness benefits. Members are able to form significant social and mutually respectful relationships with a real sense of belonging.

Location: Rotherham, United Kingdom