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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Golden Hill - By the Community, For the Community
In 2006 Golden Hill Playing Fields in Bristol almost fell into the hands of developers.
The reason they didn't is because the local community, led by a group of dedicated and tireless volunteers, rallied round and battled hard to preserve this valuable recreational space. The community prevailed and secured the long-term future of the fields for community use for sports and a wide range of other recreational activities.
And the local community has backed this success up with its regular use of the facilities and the activities on offer at the grounds, such that it is genuinely a massive community success story. The facility serves a catchment area of around 25,000 people, and an estimated 8-10,000 have passed through the gates this year alone.
The facilities are used by young and old, boys and girls, and activities on offer range from cricket and football to bridge clubs and arts & crafts. Youth development and engagement in physical activity has always been a priority, and the club has also championed the development of girls' and women's sport in the area.
The facility also hosts school holiday activity clubs, car boot sales, parties and celebrations, quiz nights and regular whole-community social events. And the highlight of the year is the annual Party In The Park, a massive event which attracts thousands of local people and is truly a manifestation of community spirit and engagement.
To achieve all this required some substantial loan-based borrowings at the outset to fund the acquisition of the fields and ten years on, after a lot of hard work, fundraising, and meticulous financial management from a group of unstinting volunteers, the Charitable Trust that was set up to look after the grounds has now finally paid down its debts.
However, while the focus has rightly been on servicing very significant loan repayment commitments over this period, it has left minimal funds for general maintenance and refurbishment of the facilities. In particular, and most urgently, the clubhouse balcony has fallen into disrepair such that it is now actually dangerous and deemed unfit for use. The balcony also serves as the clubhouse fire exit route, so this represents a serious and immediate threat to the progress and development of the facility and all its activities.
The upper-level kitchen, bar and community room areas are all currently compromised by the unfit state of the balcony, and future plans for indoor-based activities such as 'Parent & Toddler' groups are on hold until the area is made secure.
So there is an urgent need to remedy this, and Aviva funding for a replacement balcony would instantly have a huge and lasting impact - it would immediately reinvigorate the whole facility and would make it safe once again for everyone, especially the thousands of young children who access the grounds, and the new planned indoor activities would also become actionable.
The facility, the club, the members, and the thousands of people who benefit from and enjoy all the recreational activities are already community personified, and a transformational Aviva Community Fund award would enable this fantastic collective to embark on the next phase of its growth and development.
This facility is at the very heart of our local community, it has benefited so many people over the last ten years and, with Aviva's help, multiple generations of local families can look forward to many more years of tremendous community engagement and enjoyment from an outstanding facility and club.

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Golden Hill Sports Limited

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GHS is the EPITOME of community - a project that was fought for and created by the community for the community, with selfless, hardworking volunteers providing myriad recreational opportunities for local people. So many people have made this possible by getting involved and engaging with the club.

Location: Bristol