Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The Indee Rose Trust is a charitable trust founded in July 2009. It is an amazing charity set up by Jane and Russell after losing their beautiful daughter, Indee Rose to help children and their families who have been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour. The trust provide treasure boxes to bring smiles to these children who are suffering with this awful illness. They also provide the opportunity to stay at a beach house with their families and it is such a wonderful retreat when going through so much.
The project would help to build a games / sensory room for these children who deserve a treat so very much.

The Indee Rose Trust

Location: Kent, United Kingdom

The feedback we receive from families who visit the house is so humbling. The families go through so very much as well as the children suffering from these awful tumours. Their siblings also deserve a treat and they get the chance to have quality time together away and make happy memories
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