Sport in the community

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Just Ramps (JR) is a non-profit organisation founded in September 2013, following the sudden death of a close friend and witnessing the positive impact the sport had upon his young son and other bereaved children. JR provides a stimulating yet safe indoor skating, scootering and BMXing experience for riders of all ages and abilities within the large and diverse population of Wolverhampton, as well as organised events for local charities and school groups.

We are seeking to secure funding to create a much needed extension to our deck space on the quarter pipe ramp for the jump box and resie ramp. At present this area is relatively small, making it hard to land from tricks and only allowing a small number of riders to wait for their turn at any one time. By extending this area we will not only enable an improved and more dynamic riding experience but critically improve the safety for those waiting to ride.

JR is the only indoor skatepark within the Wolverhampton area and since opening the interest and users have increased annually, with 4000 users currently on our database. As a result JR has become a real hub of the local community, with the levels of antisocial and disruptive behaviour reported to have reduced locally since we opened.

The sport has huge popularity and is ever expanding. Whilst there are local outdoor facilities, these are often not ideal or safe to use due to frequent bad weather or the fear of personal safety when using them.

Here at JR we are passionate about providing this sporting experience for the riders of Wolverhampton and beyond; which can help improve the physical and social wellbeing of our riders. Our continued philosophy here at JR is to maintain our minimal entrance fee, this ensures the park remains accessible to all who want to use it. However as a result our funds are limited and we rely on fundraising and the goodwill and support of our team of volunteers to help keep the park at the centre of our community.

Just Ramps Skatepark

Moment of Pride

Just Ramps has had a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of the local community, welcoming riders of all ages and abilities. JR continually strives to ensure the park is affordable and accessible to all, this is driven by the passion, commitment and determination of the JR team.

Location: Wolverhampton