Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Project Goal – To create a new interactive outdoor learning area for our village Preschool

Abacus Preschool is at the heart of the small, rural village of Fenny Compton. It was founded 25 years ago by a local parent who didn’t drive and wanted a place where her children could play, learn and meet other children from the local community. It continues today as a thriving Preschool providing high quality care for children aged 2.5 until they start school, but it maintains the original ethos and is very well supported and valued by the community.

As a registered charity, Abacus relies on local volunteers to act as trustees and directors and to fundraise. We are approaching the end of a fundraising marathon as we have successfully raised enough to replace the extremely outdated Preschool building. We raised over £3000 last year alone and we plan to raise even more this year through local events and community fundraising. We are applying for the Aviva grant to specifically fund the addition of a new outdoor learning area to complete our new building.

Many parents in the area choose the Preschool because of its excellent reputation for providing a caring, friendly environment for what is often the children’s first experience away from the family home. However, the lack of freely accessible outdoor space is a concern cited by parents. We would love to address this by developing an area where children would be free to explore outdoors. We envisage a space where learning takes place through play; with areas for the children to enjoy role play in a mud kitchen, to make sounds with a musical instrument wall, to investigate textures and materials with a sand pit and to climb, walk and run outdoors. The children would use wellies and waterproof puddlesuits that we provide so that the area is accessible and safe whatever the weather.

At this young age, children thrive with a diverse range of activities and challenges, both indoors and outdoors; so providing a flexible, fun and varied outdoor learning space that can be used all day, every day would be a brilliant addition to our Preschool, benefitting the health and wellbeing of Abacus’ children. We will transform a currently unused area into a bright, busy, stimulating and safe outdoor learning space. As this is a community project we will involve as many local people as possible; as volunteers to co-ordinate the project, as builders to help design and create the space and as parents who paint the walls with murals or make a raised bed where the children can grow their own food. We are also keen to fund training for Preschool staff to ensure the most is made of the exciting new opportunities that the outdoor area will provide, as over the next 10 years at least 400 children will directly benefit from this project.

As a community we value our young people immensely as they are the future for our village. There is a strong sense of pride in the village and it already supports many diverse and successful organisations and groups, run by enthusiastic volunteers. This project has the support of a wide cross section of our community, from local businesses, pubs, school, doctors, churches and youth groups. We believe creating a new outdoor area is the perfect way to celebrate 25 years of Abacus Preschool and would look forward to the opening day as a way of saying thank you to the whole village and Aviva for their support.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We hope you feel inspired to vote for us as this project will make a real difference to the children in our village.

Abacus Preschool

Moment of Pride

Fenny Compton is a place where everyone pulls together; a thriving village that cares about its neighbours and a hub for surrounding villages. This project has support from everyone in our village from the WI to the local pub and we would all be delighted with a new outdoor area for our children.

Location: Fenny Compton